10 Funniest Ben Stiller Movie Quotes, Ranked Ben Stiller has had numerous hilarious duties over the years, for this reason it"s tough for most fans to pick a favorite. This are just a few of his funniest quotes.

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Ben Stiller in scenes from Dodgeball & Zoolander
despite Ben Stiller"s functional career has expanded into plenty of different areas, he will likely always be best known for his well-known comedic performances. Stiller has ceded some the the funniest and also most memorable comedies throughout his movie career, and also some hilarious characters.

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Looking at Stiller"s ideal comedy movies, there room so numerous laugh-out-loud quotes. Some of these movie are substantial box office hits, while others are covert gems that deserve to it is in seen. Because that anyone trying to find a good laugh, take it a look ago at few of these hilarious Ben Stiller quotes from his most memorable movies.

10 "Someone Must have Ripped The Q section Out Of my Dictionary, "Cause i Don"t understand The definition Of The Word, "Quit""

among Stiller"s most underrated comedies is Mystery Men. The movie was yes, really ahead that its time, spoofing the superhero society before superhero movies yes, really took off. It follows a team of misfit crime fighters, including Stiller"s Mr. Furious, whose superpower is gaining really angry.

Despite gaining no respect native his enemies, other heroes, or the public, Mr. Furious do the efforts his best to market himself together the ultimate tough guy. Unfortunately, his "tough guy" lines, choose this one, feel pretty lame.

9 "Como Estan, Bi**hes?"

Anchorman is considered, by many, to be among the funniest movie of every time and the highlight of the movie is the huge showdown in between San Diego"s biggest news anchors. When Ron Burgundy and his news team room out in the streets, their rivals from various other stations display up searching for a fight.

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This consists of cameos indigenous Vince Vaughn and also Luke Wilson. Then Stiller reflects up together the over-the-top anchor from the neighborhood Spanish-language news regime who greets his enemies with, "Como estan, bitches?"

despite Stiller is finest known for his leading male roles, he has actually proven himself to be especially entertaining when playing the villain. In the 90s comedy Heavyweights, Stiller plays Tony Perkins, the extreme fitness guru that takes over a summer camp for youngsters struggling v their weight.

While the kids are just looking to have some fun, Perkins walk to excessive methods the whipping them right into shape. Together the summer goes on, Perkins grows much more unhinged. During one morning announcement, he delivers to the campers this hilarious line.

7 "I obtained It Stuck!"

Ben Stiller in There's Something around Mary
Stiller became the breakout star of gross-out comedies many thanks to his hilarious duty in There"s Something around Mary. Stiller dram Ted, a lonely sad-sack looking come reunite through his dream girl indigenous high institution who he blew his opportunity with.

During a flashback succession to Ted"s high school days, the movie reveals exactly what go wrong with Mary. When Ted was picking Mary up to go to your prom, he had actually a bathroom accident, to say the least. This moment, together with Stiller"s excruciating reaction, continues to be an i can not forget entry in comedy history.

Stiller has additionally had a the majority of success behind the camera as a director and one that his most impressive movies was Tropic Thunder. The movie is a hilarious and wildly entertaining R-rated comedy around a team of spoiled and self-centered actors filming a battle movie who get captured up in a actual life-or-death situation.

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Stiller theatre Tugg Speedman, an activity star whose latest attempt to make a dramatic movie ended up one embarrassing flop. Once being interviewed through an entertain show, the reporter speak him, "Somebody close to you said, "one much more flop and also it"s over,"" to which Speedman asks, "Someone stated they to be close to me?"

5 "Do It!"

While part felt the comedic movie version of Starsky and Hutch to be an insult to the classic cop show, the does have actually some quite funny moments. Stiller and Owen Wilson make a great duo together the two titular cops functioning a situation in the 1970s.

During one undercover mission, Starsky (Stiller) bring away the undercover function very seriously. He dons an elaborate disguise, comes up through a backstory, and also employs a man voice. However, he it s okay so into character the he keeps repeating the phrase "Do it!" over and over again.

In another an excellent villain role, Stiller theatre White Goodman in the sporting activities comedy, Dodgeball. In fact, Goodman is very comparable to Stiller"s role in Heavyweights as he is a fitness freak whose intensity goes means over the line. He additionally develops a vast ego that is also an extremely fragile.

Goodman tries to woo a woman named Kate, who is repulsed by him. After getting rejected, Goodman tries to steal a kiss however gets hit in the confront instead. The angrily storms off after proclaiming, "Nobody makes me bleed my own blood. Nobody!"

3 "Oh, You have the right to Milk Just about Anything with Nipples."

Meet the Parents is a an excellent movie for anyone that enjoys awkward comedy. Stiller plays a well-meaning man who is taken house by his girlfriend to fulfill her parents, including her protective and also intimidating father (Robert De Niro).

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Stiller"s character, Greg Focker, can"t assist but do one ashamed blunder ~ another. As soon as he gets caught in a lie around living ~ above a farm, the tries to describe that that simply grew up v a many animals and also they would certainly milk few of them, consisting of the cats. After Greg states you can milk anything through nipples, De Niro asks, "I have actually nipples, Greg. Could you milk me?"

despite Adam Sandler is the star the Happy Gilmore, Stiller has a hilarious uncredited duty in the movie. Stiller plays the orderly at a senior"s residence where Happy"s granny is staying, a role he reprised in critical year"s Hubie Halloween.

While the orderly is very friendly and also promises to take care of Happy"s grandmother when Happy is around, his attitude quickly transforms once he is gone. ~ the sweet old lady asks for a glass of heat milk to assist her fall asleep, the orderly responds, "You have the right to trouble me for a warmth glass of closeup of the door the hell up."

1 "What Is This? A center For Ants?!"

when it"s hard to small it under to simply one movie, many fans would likely name Zoolander together Stiller"s funniest movie. He plays an empty-headed male design who is somehow caught up in an assassination plot. Despite the unexpected plot twist, a lot of the comedy simple comes native Zoolander"s stupidity.

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When fashion designer Mugatu promises to build a children"s learning center in Zoolander"s name, he mirrors him the model. Zoolander smashes the model, calling the a center for ants prior to asking, "How can we be meant to teach kids to learn how to check out if they can"t even fit inside the building?"

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