Today’s blog originates from an article I initially wrote because that Airgun Revue #4.

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The “Benjamin Franklin” engraving on the political parties of countless Benjamin guns leads many to the false presumption that it’s the name or model of the gun. The words room purely fanciful, a pat on the surname “Benjamin.”

Let’s collection the document straight–it’s a Benjamin, no a Benjamin Franklin. Once I was a boy, everyone seemed to recognize that; however over the years, a completely new crop of collectors and dealers has sprung up. They insist on utilizing both names due to the fact that they happen to appear on the side of the guns. Maybe, earlier when the guns all come in boxes and the pellets to be still offered under the name, it was much easier to remember. Just Benjamin.

I had my father’s Benjamin 107 pistol. Although ns now understand it to be a fine wait pistol, at the time I didn’t even consider it to it is in real. That was simply too hard for a little boy to operate. Also today, the former pump mechanism can be a chore because that an adult. It has the least mechanical benefit of any kind of pneumatic airgun, which you may safely check out as “none.”

The pistol is a metal and also wood airgun through a comprehensive but compact heft–not unequal a Colt Woodsman the the exact same era. The was contemporary with the last of the Quackenbush long guns and has that exact same look the substance and also quality. Although we’re living in a golden e of airgun breakthrough right now, the Benjamin and also other guns like that made the earlier decades of this century a very fine time to it is in alive, too.

Both the firm name and also the design designation of the gun space stamped ~ above the end cap that the receiver.

According come the chronology offered to us by collector Fred Liady, the pistol models 100 (.177, smoothbore), 102 (.22, rifled) and also 107 (.177, rifled) were all presented in 1935. These were Benjamin’s very first air pistols. I remember mine father’s pistol come in a green cardboard box that to be colored the very same as the pellet tins, but advanced collectors call me that the plain brown crate was the earliest. You’ll quiet find countless of castle in their boxes due to the fact that even the box looks retro sufficient for people to acknowledge it as quality.

The rifles predated the pistols by several decades, through the first–designated top top Fred’s list as the Benjamin design A–being made roughly 1898. Actually, that very first one to be the St. Louis wait Rifle. The day on the left next of the share reads “Pat. June 20 1899,” therefore the 1898 date may it is in taken through a serial of salt.

The B model, supposedly first made in 1900, was in reality the second version the the St. Louis air Rifle, and I’m i m really sorry to say I have only viewed one snapshot of this gun–in Smith’s Gas, Air and Spring firearms of the World. The design D, an initial produced in 1910, is the faster Benjamin rifle (using the Benjamin name) the is viewed in any good quantity. The rifle came 25 years before the an initial pistol–a amazing stretch that time, once you think about it.

Benjamin rifles and also pistols that the vintage the our subject gun came through two finishes on height of heavy brass. The top finish was a delicate layer of black color nickel on peak of a much tougher coat of silver nickel. The black generally wears off pretty quick, although over there are firearms with many it quiet clinging. Over there may have actually been tiny lot-to-lot distinctions in the applications of the finish, or the just can be due to how much the individual weapons have been tackled over time. As significant as it sounds, the instance shown over was acquired in 1997 and also has much more original black complete than mine father’s almost-identical gun had actually in 1955!

The silver finish is much much more permanent, come the point that many believe it to it is in the just original complete on the gun. Often, when I see an older Benjamin advertised v 60 percent that its finish, ns ask the seller whether every the silver- is tho there. They regularly refer to simply the silver- nickel because they think it to it is in the top complete of the gun; for this reason it pays to ask. Many people are not conscious that the black complete was ever present. Obviously, 60 percent silver- nickel through no black showing equals 30 percent of the whole original finish. It renders an interesting bargaining position, if you want to acquire a price adjustment.

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Don’t it is in surprised come see few of the base steel peeking v on one otherwise good-looking gun. It’s not at every strange to see brass reflecting on the spicy edges, silver on many of the smooth surfaces and also some black color in the corners and under the barrel, where it has been protected. Our topic pistol, a model 100 smoothbore, is reflecting a small brass top top the edges of the end cap, a problem that speak me the owner(s) to be pumping that correctly. Unlike fine cameras, a small brassing isn’t together a fatal cons on a Benjamin pistol or rifle, although there room plenty of weapons showing none in ~ all.