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You have the right to tinker with your rankings, recognize your favorite sleepers (and busts), print your cheat sheet, practice your breeze strategy with mock drafts, and constantly examine for injury updates, yet your 2016 preseason job-related isn"t finish until friend come up v a an excellent fantasy soccer team name.

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Some may say it"s the most important component of the fantasy football season. Those people usually lose, but whatever. If you"re gonna lose, you might also come up through a funny team name and make other civilization laugh -- through you or in ~ you, her call.

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You have the right to go a many of different directions through your team name. Do it an within and/or insulting hoax for the other human being in her league; shot out a pun based upon a pop society reference or among your players; or just come up v a name that sounds cool and also intimidating (if together a thing exists because that fantasy football). Quite literally (in the literal sense, no the figurative sense), there are countless combinations.

This year, election-based references will be at an all-time high. "Make ____ good Again" will certainly be popular. (Less popular: "Clinton-Dix for America" for Packers D/ST owners.) There are most likely to be a couple of people brushed up up in the Harambe meme ("R.I.P. Lamarmbe?") and Pokemon go phenomenon ("Pokemon GO-lden"?), but, again, you can go any type of direction. In fact, don"t go those directions since those team names would be terrible.

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2016 FANTASY soccer RANKINGS:Quarterback | to run back | vast receiver | chop end | D/ST | Kicker

Many of our suggestions room dated referrals to "90s rap, for this reason if you"re right into dated referrals to "90s rap, you"re in luck! If you"re not, we have actually some various other ideas that might work or spark a better idea, including numerous we argued last year.

Best fantasy soccer team names because that 2016

Zeke Squad

Dez Dispensers

Green Initiative

Amari 2600

Amari Teenage Riot

T.Y. Dolla $ign

Praise the Jord-y

Tate is Enough

Ain’t No Such point as Halfway Cooks

Cobb Deep

Steady Cobbin’

All about the Benjamins (This one is far better if you get both Travis and Kelvin.)

SLEEPERS: One from every team | 14 RBs | 7 QBs | 12 WRs | 9 TEs 

Hurns Notice

Born to Maclin (Trust united state -- this is far better than "Return of the Maclin".)

All I do is Winston

I’ll do You Jameis

Dirty Landry

Landry Service

Le"Veon a Prayer

Upper Deckers

Stacked Deckers

Gospel according to Matthews (or "Mathews" if you breeze Ryan Mathews like an idiot.)

Notorious DGB’s

All That i Snead

Can girlfriend Diggs It?

Boyz N Da Hood (Gotta draft Ezekiel Elliott, aka Ez-E, for this one.)

Rawls Royces

Pimpin’ Ain’t Breesy

Brees the Sheriff

Poppin’ Bortles

Bortles Service

Al Hurns and Gurley

Dominate her draft: obtain Fantasy Alarm"s breeze Guide!

Keenan-Ivory-Dwaynes (Yes, you require Keenan Allen, chris Ivory, Dwayne Allen and Dwayne Harris to make this work, however just carry out it, ok?)

Hyde and Go lucky Yourself

Floyd Rage

Pop-Lockett-Drop It

Hot Lockett

Pocket Lockett

Palmer? i Hardly recognize Her!

Ei-ferted (Hopefully no Apple"s newest product.)

A Gronking in December (What you"ll execute to the remainder of your league in the fantasy playoffs.)

DeVante’s Inferno


Death Ertz-tificate

Shady’s Gurley Party (It will be tough to obtain both LeSean McCoy and also Todd Gurley, however we have belief that you can do it. Just think in yourself. Also, semi-topical.)

View from Lamar

Miller’s Bossin’ (Come on, you understand you desire to reference a lesser-known Coen Brothers film in your fantasy team name!)

Chronicles of Riddick

Runnin’ fools Over prefer Christine (If we have to define this one come you, climate you don"t worthy to have actually a team name this cool.)

Boom boom Powell

Keep Choppin’ Woodhead

Bringin’ the Woodhead

Take ‘em to the Woodhead

Land that the Freeman

Parker/Lewis Can’t shed (Is it worth overdrafting DeVante Parker and an hurt Dion Lewis just to get this team name? us say "yes".)

Murray Convention (When girlfriend think around it, this might be the many intimidating name on the list. Works better if you have actually both DeMarco and Latavius.)

Dalton’s Abbey

The Hauschka always Wins

Creamy Nugent

Gould Members

Scobee Snacks

Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker

DRAFT STRATEGY and also TIERS:Quarterbacks | Running backs | Wide receivers | Tight ends | D/STs | PPR

Here’s mine Number, So speak to Me Brady


The Tannehills have actually Eyes (or The Jeremy Hills have Eyes)

Dude, where Derek Carr?

The Backfields and also McCoys

James Starks the Winterfell

The Gurley Gates 

Sanu Jack City

El Gordo Y La Flacco (Just breeze Melvin or mockery Gordon and Joe Flacco...it"s no hard.)

Tyrod Lannisters

The Funchess Bunch (Even better if you have actually "Cammy Cam" Newton, too.)

Mockingjay Cutler

Giovani Vidi Vici

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House the Griffindoor, RG3PO (RGIII is ago and for this reason are bad puns with his name!)

It’s Von choose Donkey Kong

Staff Infection

Lacy Underalls

Rebel Yeldons

Goff and also Wet and/or Soft and also Wentz (Now that"s synergy)

Garoppolo through Ralph Lauren

Fleener 보다 a Junkyard Dog

O-dell No!

Bolo Contendre (This is the team surname Philip Rivers" owners deserve.)

Blaine? His surname is Blaine? (This is an especially an excellent team name in October when NFL players wear pink for breast cancer awareness.)