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"Surprise, Bitch", no to be puzzled with James Doakes" "Surprise, Motherf**ker", is a catchphrase associated with the character Madison Montgomery (played through Emma Roberts) in the American TV series American fear Story: Coven. On Tumblr, the phrase has actually been paired with GIFs showing the return the a character when thought to be dead.


On December 4th, 2013, the eighth illustration of American fear Story: Coven aired ~ above FX, which featured Madison Montgomery revealing to Fiona the she to be resurrected from the dead in a vault episode. Top top returning, Madison confronts Fiona with the line "Surprise, Bitch. I bet you assumed you witnessed the critical of me." (shown below)

On the following day, Tumblr user WhoreforChrist<6> submitted two GIFs captioned through Roberts" lines, receiving an ext than 243,000 note within the first week.



The GIF the Emma Roberts quickly spread across the microblogging site<1>, through some recalling James Doakes" surprise, motherf**ker GIF picture while other began parodying the line by pairing the up through animated GIFs of other fictional characters who have been resurrected native the dead. Throughout the an initial week of December 2013, the GIF phenomenon to be picked increase by BuzzFeed<2><4>, Bustle<3> and Vulture.<5>



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