Well fam, us made it. The season finale the Are you The One: 2nd Chances. We’ve had a many ups, downs, and an extremely underwhelming moments (mostly the last one), however here us are, ready to clock the last three teams take the all. I swear to God if MTV start this episode with a montage that how far each pair has come, ns throwing myself out the nearest window. Which incidentally is a mere two feet native me.

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WELP it taken place even before the theme tune sequence, so watch y’all beyond the grave. MTV, welcome to your tape.

Blah lol blah the first few minutes are simply each team trash-talking. Then Karamo comes into the home to salary them a visit in person. Well, it is new.


They have to take a taxi (you currently know what i’m gonna say), walk to the height of the tallest building, and also then discover Karamo at part lighthouse.
DAMN THE 3rd PLACE couple LOSES EVERYTHING. Just how much carry out you think Shanley and Adam space both kicking themselves best now? i tell you, one person hits steal, the other human being hits share and also you promise to split the money 50/50.
Devin: We have $120,000 in our financial institution right now and if we get another $50,000 the will bring us to $170,000.
Yes Devin, thanks for explaining how basic addition works.
It wouldn’t be an episode of AYTO: second Chances without a dumbs pre-rehearsed tune from Devin and Rashida, so thanks for that. Please execute not send me your mixtape.

Morgan is in fucking Australia and also he saw a demorphs bed? Dude. Delete her account. Ok every little thing let’s get to the actual challenge part. They’re in ~ the peak of a building and have to situate some prize on some structure using binoculars.


I’m lost. I offer up.
Karamo’s explaining just how the selection works. This is the final, homie. If castle don’t have it down by now they worthy to get robbed.
There’s legit no way Devin’s hitting steal. And Rashida has actually too much blind devotion to perform it. Ns calling it appropriate now.
Rashida: Devin you recognize me. I’m constantly giving and also loving and also I would never steal native you.
Devin: On the brief list of many amazing females i’ve met in my whole life, you on it. I’ll never steal native you. You’re my heart, i love you, and I wouldn’t have actually done this because that anybody else.

Ok, I’m no crying. You’re crying!
Devin claims 85K is a lot however it’s not life-changing money but 170K is? Like, how rich space you the 85K is no making a dent for you? and also can ns take a donation?
Rashida chooses…SHARE.
Devin chooses… and they take it a fucking pause to present Rashida crying, come the posesthe on!
Devin chooses… SHARE! Aw, ns knew it. Good for them. However also, fuck girlfriend Devin because that making Rashida and all of us squirm favor that.
It’s nice fucked up the Morgan and Tori get second and lock only get 25K. Like, ns guess they conserve the huge second ar prizes for the real challenges?
Karamo: Adam and also Shanley, y’all are going house broke.

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Ya many thanks for rubbing it in. Karamo, no chill.
Adam: This residence brings the end the finest in some people and also the worst in SOME world *looks in ~ Shanley*

Anddd that’s it because that this season. Ns kinda wish they’d do a reunion, yet I’m sure as hell no recapping it. Watch you guys next season, provided I’m not actors onAre you The One.