I really reap Betrayal at house on the Hill. Ns owned the 1st Edition game and also decided to market it turn off (for a an excellent profit) once the second Edition was announced. I had the ability to buy the brand-new edition and a couple other gamings for the money ns made off the sale. So, how do the two editions stack up?Eye Candy
1st execution - I thought the original box design was alright, but it didn"t really evoke the crucial mood to really get world interested in purchase the game. This cover might partially describe why it took a while because that the game to uncover its audience in the board game community.2nd edition - This cover is much more to mine liking 보다 the very first edition. The spooky emotion is evocative of an isolated home in the swamp, somewhat choose the home in the movie The Reaping. The sheathe really offers the impression of a creepy, lonely mansion where civilization could conveniently go stunner or be faced by the unknown. It provides off the perfect type of mysterious atmosphere that the video game has come offer.Winner?
2nd Edition!Components
1st version - The large complaint around the pieces from the first Edition was the circular tokens. These tokens simply had actually words prefer "bat" printed on them v no graphics/colors to differentiate them. This uniformity linked with a hefty quantity of tokens made the very an overwhelming to find the tokens friend needed. On the other hand, the room tiles appeared to be made of sturdier cardboard. The same is true because that the character cards. The rest of the pieces, dice and minis, are essentially the same.2nd version - The little tokens room great. Lock come in two sizes and also the huge sets of comparable tokens have their own, fancy design. On the various other hand, the room tiles it seems ~ thinner and less sturdy overall than the first Edition several of the tiles are warped and I have concerns about long hatchet durability. Plus, the secret lake is in the basement in 2nd Edition. I preferred it far better on the top floors.Winner?
1st Edition since I can constantly make due with boring tokens, yet the room tiles are a necessity. Take it the tiles from first Edition and also the tokens from 2nd Edition for the best pieces.The Haunts1st version - these Haunts were thought about so unbalanced that the game manufacturer put out a pdf through a fairly big rewrite that assisted balance the game better. I don"t yes, really play this game for the balance, but rather the experience. Even with this in mind, needing such a big rewrite was a pain, yet the rewrite did help make the game an ext fun. Includes 8 Haunts replaced in second Edition.2nd edition - The Haunts it seems ~ pretty well balanced and much better explained so far, yet I haven"t had a opportunity to play it almost as much as we played first Edition. Ns like having 8 new haunts various from the original due to the fact that it does include something brand-new to the game. No have to reprint whole new books.Winner?2nd Edition!Final score2nd version wins 2 come 1. One of two people edition is totally worth the price the admission, but 2nd costs a lot less right now.

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This game is a great Halloween or any type of Friday the 13th game. I only rate that a 6 or 7 the end of ten, however it is very thematic and also can easily be played with non-gamers.