Monte Morris and Iowa State outlasted Bob Huggins’ West Virginia Mountaineers in the championship game of the big 12 tournament on Saturday, the 3rd tournament victory in 4 years for Iowa State. The Cyclones vibration TCU to obtain here, when West Virginia hosted on because that a frantic one-point win over Kansas State.

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The top-seeded Kansas Jayhawks to be the renowned pick in ~ the start of the tournament. No one reportedly told TCU that Kansas finished the 2017 college basketball season ranked No. 1 in the AP height 25, since the Horned Frogs bounced the Jayhawks the end of large 12 tournament contention ~ above Thursday afternoon, 85-82. That’s a important shocking an outcome for invoice Self’s club, who absolutely have design on a national championship bid this year.

The large 12 proved once again to be arguably the toughest organization in university basketball. Baylor had actually a veteran squad anchored by small forward Johnathan Motley, West Virginia’s press had proven together dangerous as ever, and also Iowa State had guard Monte Morris ago to run the offense.

None of it mattered. Kansas clinched the conference top top Feb. 22 through a comfortable three-game lead.

Led through Naismith Player that the Year candidate guard open minded Mason III, KU broke from its timeless high-low system and rolled with a four-guard lineup throughout league play, advertise the Jayhawks past both suffocating defenses and otherwise insurmountable deficits.

Yet as much as Kansas has dominated during the continuous season, that success didn’t bring over to the conference tournament, which started Wednesday, march 8.

The large 12 Tournament has crowned three various champions due to the fact that 2012 — Missouri, Iowa State, and also Kansas — and also while the Jayhawks are surely the safe pick again this year, they space hardly a lock.

A solid tournament — to add a tiny outside help — could push Baylor ago into the conversation for a No. 1 particle in the NCAA Tournament, when West Virginia would love one more shot in ~ Kansas after choking in Lawrence. And there are more than a couple of teams capable of play spoiler in Kansas City.

Texas technology under brand-new head coach chris Beard is improving rather swiftly (wins end Baylor, West Virginia, Kansas State, and Texas), and also the same deserve to be stated for Oklahoma State under Brad Underwood. And Bruce Weber at Kansas State is fighting for his job with a roster more than qualified of saving it.

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The format

The large 12 tournament is single elimination, featuring all 10 conference teams. The top two seeds obtain a first-round bye and face the winners of the No. 7/No. 10 and also No. 8/No. 9 matchups. From it’s just three wins to victory the title.

The teams

KansasWest Virginia Baylor Iowa StateOklahoma StateKansas StateTexas TechTCUOklahomaTexas

The bracket

See a complete tournament clip here.

Source: large 12 Schedule and Results (all times Eastern)

Wednesday, in march 8 (first round)

Game 1: No. 8 TCU 82, No 9 Oklahoma 63Game 2: No 10 Texas 61, No 7 Texas tech 52

Thursday, march 9 (quarterfinals)

Game 3: No. 4 Iowa State 92, vs. No. 5 Oklahoma State 83Game 4: No. 8 TCU 85, No. 1 Kansas 82Game 5: No. 2 West Virginia 63, No 10 Texas 53Game 6: No. 6 Kansas State 70, No. 3 Baylor 64

Friday, march 10 (semifinals)

Game 7: No. 4 Iowa State 84, No. 8 TCU 63Game 8: No. 2 West Virginia 51, No. 6 Kansas State 50