Chris Rouleau, far better known by his phase persona Blaze Ya Dead Homie, has actually been pass his distinctive flavor of Horrorcore-infused gangsta rap because that well end a decade. Through each release, the Deadman find a way to admire the Juggalos and also new-found pan alike. On the exact same token, he finds methods to piss the remainder of the civilization off, but that’s component of that he is and he’s unapologetic about it. Because the release of his self-titled EP in 2000, he’s brought something different and fresh come the table v each release. Gift the an initial signing come Twiztid’s Majik Ninja Entertainment, he quickly proved the MNE is the ideal place because that him. Together with Jamie Madrox, that created The Casket Factory, the latest chapter in the Deadman’s saga. The album centers around the aptly named Casket Factory, which has actually been passed under from the Grundy household for numerous generations yet Blaze, albeit a casket machine by trade, appears to be much more interested in filling caskets than structure them. The name and also location that his newly-opened Casket manufacturing facility have to be a mystery, spoken in whispers on the lips the those that have declared to see it because that themselves. Due to the fact that he was increased from the dead, he’s had actually a fascination through death and also all that comes through it. This time, though, that becomes fatality incarnate, acquisition the Juggalos and anyone through the stomach to listen, follow me for the ride!

In true Blaze fashion, us hear the doors the the Casket factory open and Blaze welcomes everyone in through “2 center Fingers,” even if it is you’re through him or against him. He to know the Juggalos have remained loyal and awaited his triumphant return v bated breath, while his enemies and also haters have actually waited because that a chance to put him back into the ground. Together your head nods and also your speaker bump to the “old skool” beats we’re presented to, Blaze condemns those who stand in his way with his precision flow. He lets you know that he’s always going to carry out his very own thing, you’ll either love the or dislike it… yet never cross him!

When “Ghost” begins, you’ll probably be reasoning “what the hell is this?!” till you begin noddin’ your head together with it. Undoubtedly, this track attributes one the the strangest win I’ve heard indigenous Blaze in year but, together always, the works! just when you assumed it couldn’t get any kind of stranger, we’re introduced to a city from Kung Fu Vampire, pass his unique flavor to every lyric. Honestly, as much as we see KFV approximately Twiztid, on different releases native MNE, etc, i wouldn’t be surprised if the hits your roster next! quickly after this monitor ends, we’re treated to a small infomercial, heralding Blaze’s distinct “one-size-fits-all” casket.

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Of course, there is no a pair of “love songs” because that the ladies, right? He’s gained you extended with “Ratchet” which functions our homies ABK and also Jamie Madrox. This is one ode come the girls from the hood that are simply beggin’ for it. They’re promiscuous, they understand what lock want and they’re constantly providing it up to any type of man who will give it to them. Castle aren’t the girl you wanna take house to her momma, they’re the girl you absent to the curb as shortly as you’ve done the deed. Together Madrox sings “She ain’t a runaway bitch from off the block, she’s a ratchet native the hood.” these girls room one in a million to men like Blaze and also his homies.

Perhaps among my favourite tracks top top the album is “Eternal.” This track has actually the kind of beat I’ve constantly loved in rap and also reminds our listeners that Blaze is not, in fact, alive. He’s also evil for Shangri-La and also too dangerous for Hell’s Pit, so he’s to be blessed to carry his smell to your ears and also terrorize his enemies. This is definitely a track I can see listening come in a pitch black room and just bumpin’ along. I would definitely say that, if friend don’t hear to any type of other track on this album, this would be my walk to.

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Ever wanted to hear what a win on a Coolio track would sound like these days? Well, Blaze gained to it an initial and it’s that of “They call That Gangsta” which functions some lyrical nukes native Lex the Hex Master and also The R.O.C. This monitor is simply what the location suggests, that reminds the listener exactly what it is to be a gangsta. The many appealing thing about what Blaze and his numerous homies carry out in the rap genre is that they store gangsta rap alive. Lock don’t care around what the civilization thinks of them and they store it real, rapping about real things through a compelling storyline, filled with personalities you can’t aid but find connecting through on some level. This is one ode come those that tear up the streets, hold it under for the hood and keep the gangsta life alive. Examine out the video for the below.

It’s undeniable the Blaze has produced his magnum opus with The Casket Factory. The amazing manufacturing value top top this album, the expanded ide that he’s controlled to bring over with the years, his lyrical prowess, his capacity to work with the homies to carry you some insane guest spots or his capability to continue to be true to who he is together an artist will keep you coming ago for more. The only question that stays is how deserve to he height it? That’s a concern that only Blaze can answer however you can bet that it’ll it is in sooner 보다 later! choose up The Casket Factory out now on Majik Ninja Entertainment and also keep your eye the end for details on his Casket Maker EP come drop tomorrow! examine out the days for his album relax tour, special Lex the Hex Master and also Tr:logy below, together well!

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