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"Waitin" on a Woman" is a track written by Don Sampson and also Wynn Varble, and performed 3 times by American country music artist Brad Paisley. His first recording the the track was contained on his 2005 album Time fine Wasted. Three years later, Paisley re-recorded the song for consist of on a re-issue the his 2007 album fifth Gear. This re-recorded version was issued on June 9, 2008 and became the twenty-first chart solitary of Paisley"s career and also became the twelfth number 1 solitary of his career and also his eighth continually number 1 single. The song likewise appeared ~ above Play with a guest vocal from Andy Griffith.more »

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Sittin" on a bench in ~ West city MallHe sat under in his overalls and also asked meYou waitin" ~ above a womanI nodded yeah and also said exactly how "bout youHe claimed son due to the fact that nineteen fifty-two I"ve beenWaitin" top top a womanWhen i picked her up for our first dateI told she I"d be there at eightAnd she came under the stairs at eight-thirtyShe said I"m sorry that i took for this reason longDidn"t favor a thing that ns tried onBut permit me tell you child she certain looked prettyYeah she"ll take she time but I don"t mindWaitin" ~ above a womanHe claimed the wedding took a year to planYou talk around an worried man, i was nervousWaitin" top top a womanAnd climate he nudged my arm prefer old guys doAnd said, I"ll to speak this about the honeymoon, it to be worth itWaitin" top top a womanAnd i don"t guess we"ve to be anywhereShe hasn"t made us late ns swearSometimes she walk it simply "cause she can do itBoy it"s simply a reality of lifeIt"ll be the very same with your young wifeMight too go on and also get provided to itShe"ll take her time "cause friend don"t mindWaitin" ~ above a womanI"ve check out somewhere statistics showThe man"s constantly the first to goAnd that makes sense "cause I recognize she won"t it is in readySo once it finally comes mine timeAnd I obtain to the various other sideI"ll find myself a bench, if they"ve gained anyI expect she takes she time, "cause i don"t mindWaitin" top top a womanHoney, take her time, "cause ns don"t mindWaitin" on a woman

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Brad Paisley Brad Douglas Paisley (born October 28, 1972) is one American singer-songwriter and also musician. His style crosses in between traditional nation music and Southern rock, and his songs are commonly laced v humor and also pop society references. More »

Written by: wynn VARBLE, DON SAMPSON