While the can be fried Fighter 27 Finale in ~ the Pearl Theatre in Paradise, Nevada, ~ above Friday provided plenty the action, the fight of the night was the middleweight bout between Brad Tavares and Israel Adesanya.

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After all, Adesanya (13-0) was placing his perfect document on the line versus Tavares (17-4).

Below is a look in ~ this weekend"s action from Nevada.

Full ultimate Fighter 27 Finale Results

Middleweight: Gerald Meerschaert def. Oskar Piechota (submission)

Featherweight: Steven Peterson def. Matt Bessette (split decision)

Featherweight: Bryce Mitchell def. Tyler Diamond (majority decision)

Lightweight: john Gunther def. Allan Zuniga (majority decision)

Lightweight: luis Pena def. Richie Smullen (submission)

Flyweight: Montana De La Rosa def. Rachael Ostovich (submission)

Middleweight: Alessio Di Chirico def. Julian Marquez (split decision)

Flyweight: Roxanne Modafferi def. Barb Honchak (TKO)


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Featherweight: Alex Caceres def. Young name Bravo (split decision)

Featherweight: Brad Katona def. Jay Cucciniello (unanimous decision)

Lightweight: Mike Trizano def. Joe Giannetti (split decision)

Middleweight: Israel Adesanya def. Brad Tavares (unanimous decision)


Would this be the night Adesanya suffered his an initial career loss? while there were moments early on where it showed up as despite that could be the case, Adesanya walked out of the Octagon victorious when again.

The first round featured both fighters trading blows throughout, through neither obtaining much of an edge. The activity heated up when Adesanya made a bold strike near the finish of the ring to bring both fighters to the mat, although Tavares had the ability to counter.

Ben Fowlkes

Thank you, Israel Adesanya, because that bringing part fun ago into this event. Ns don’t even care if it fails spectacularly.

Adesanya came out stronger in the second and appeared to get some manage of the fight. His rapid strikes make it an overwhelming for Tavares to defend himself. Adesanya did, however, get a warning because that fingers come the face, yet by the end of ring 3, the had got a sizable leaf in significant strikes.


Body shot drops Tavares!
Stylebender soil a nasty liver kick, however Tavares recovers! #TUF27 https://t.co/YyAufXq5gN


HUGE right hand backs Tavares up.
Stylebender looking spicy through three rounds! #TUF27 https://t.co/xBFJBiAoki

Tavares—who had won his previous 4 fights—didn"t provide in, though. He came out aggressive to start Round 4 and had Adesanya in a difficult spot. However by the end of the round, it to be Tavares who was bloodied, as Greg Beacham the the associated Press spicy out:

Greg Beacham

Israel Adesanya looks like the truth. He simply opened a large cut on Brad Tavares' eyebrow v a vicious quick elbow.


That elbow tho ...

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Stylebender #TUF27 https://t.co/zXeRXU4N5C

Tavares put up a an excellent fight, but the 6"4" Adesanya"s size and also quickness was too lot over the course of 5 rounds. Together a result, the new Zealander kept his perfect document intact.