This is where to find the sweetheart Garb the Winds and Island Lobster shirt in Zelda Breath that the Wild.

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The Champions" Ballad DLC pack for The Legend that Zelda: Breath that the Wild has a ton of new additions, one of which is the sweetheart Garb that Winds. In this Zelda Breath that the Wild Island Lobster shirt guide, we"ll be pointing out where on the map the Hyrule you must go to in order to retrieve the new gear outfit as quickly as possible.

Breath of the Wild Island Lobster Shirt

To kick off the whole Champions" Ballad DLC load 2, make sure you"ve update Breath the the Wild to the most recent version, and also then pack up her in-game save. Since you don"t need to have beaten every four magnificent Beasts to undertake the sweetheart Garb of Winds search (unlike the story pursuits of the DLC load 2), you"ll instantly hear Zelda"s voice, telling connect that many an ext challenges await him.


At this point, you need to make your method to Deya village Ruins, which can be reached by heading south eastern from Bosh Kala Shrine, and there girlfriend can uncover a little book underneath a collapse beam of a house, among one of the many ruined residences in the village. The booked, title "Misko"s EX newspaper 2", will certainly instruct connect to head come "where the Menoat river was born".


South of Lake Hylia, you"ll uncover Lake Tower, i beg your pardon you should warp to and then head south to Lake Menoat. Once you approach the lake itself, you desire to head straight to the small island in the height left edge of the lake, nearest to whereby the water is flow from. If you use the Magnesis Rune, you"ll have the ability to see the DLC chest buried in the water, however you won"t have the ability to reach it from the tiny island.


Create however many ice cream blocks through the Cryonis Rune to move in the direction the the chest, and also then pull it out of the water from atop the Cryonic block of ice. Now location the DLC chest back on solid ground top top the small island that connect was formerly on, and the Island Lobster shirts is yours come claim.


This concludes the endowment Garb the Winds pursuit for the new Champions" Ballad DLC because that Breath of the Wild. Through this Island Lobster Shirt, link is certain to bring back memories the Wind Waker for you, yet don"t mean the new item to do much in the method of combat protection.


Now the we"re done through the Island Lobster Shirt overview for Breath the the Wild, why not inspect out our extr guides ~ above the brand-new Champions" Ballad DLC pack 2, including how to finish the Champions" Ballad quest, and also how to finish Champion Urbosa"s song quest.

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