Register currently to gain your FREE Pace Figures and also Lifetime Past Performances for the peak contenders in the 2015 Breeders" Cup Standard.Here is Amerideserve to Pharoah"s Past Performances as a sample.

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* Pace Figures, Form Cycle Patterns and Value Play picks will certainly tell you if a horse is likely to boost or regress in its next start. Easily easily accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile gadget, solutions horse players of all forms. Access to printing PDF"s is also available.How execute I gain started?Visit the Learn tab on the navigation bar wright here you"ll discover the Legfinish and also Pattern Guide. These two tools unified will give you the understanding you have to usage Legend helps to describe exactly how finest to check out the Pace Figures. It plainly specifies what every line, symbol and also number means.The Pattern Guide highlights Form Cycle Patterns, a series of 12 symbols/abbreviations, each through its own meaning. These fads are the simplest and also the majority of efficient way to evaluate what we deserve to expect from a horse"s future performance and supposed develop cycle.Value Play Picks use the automated technology and also process to evaluate eincredibly track and race as well as the team"s analytical specialization, we can now rank eexceptionally horse by its likelihood of winning the race and also worth (initially loved one to morning line odds).Value Play picks are included as part of all subscriptions and you deserve to see now on the Free Race of the Day.Blinker"s Off - We have additionally published founder Cary Fotias" unaconnected book on Form Cycle Analysis, obtainable by chapter cost-free to all that register.Free Race of the Day – Eincredibly day, we will certainly make obtainable the Pace Figures and Value Play Picks for at least one race. Pace Figures are what subscribers, both in the Value Play Picks and also the in-depth "advanced" see, deserve to watch for eextremely steed of eincredibly race at eexceptionally track. Check out today"s complimentary race below.Free Track of the Weekend - Each weekend (Fri. - Sun.), Predictedevelop will offer access to the Value Play Picks, Pace Figures and Form Cycle Patterns. Access to this information will administer brand-new customers an capacity to follow along and also learn just how review, analyze and use the modern technology.

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Where deserve to I watch sample races?Click below to check out examples of the Pace Figures and Form Cycle Pattern Analysis for the 2016 Preakness Stakes. Many more race examples and various other content has been made accessible within the Blog area of the website.Feedearlier is extremely important to the team as we attempt to save the soul of founder, Cary Fotias" handicapping vision alive while likewise giving you via the best possible product. We encourage you to register/log in and also sfinish us comments, thoughts and inquiries about the site via Customer Support.Let us recognize what you choose and also what you want to see more of. We are huge believers in participation and hope you are as excited as we are around

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