He may be The Beast top top WWE programming, yet Brock Lesnar has proven he"s a nice man in actual life on numerous occasions.

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Brock Lesnar being a quite guy
Brock Lesnar is among the best WWE superstar of every time, and throughout his career, he has been exceptionally dominant. He has actually been accumulated over the years together The Beast, and also someone who is terrifying come most. Lesnar destroys world in the ring, and the fact that that is together a private man way that pan don"t get to understand much around him in regards to his real life.

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together a an outcome of that, a many fans just discover Lesnar to be terrifying and also don"t actually think him to it is in a nice person. However, that"s not the case, as for all the showmanship The Beast puts on, deep down, the is a quite person.

Brock Lesnar and Sable

Brock Lesnar"s relationship with Sable isn"t one the fans have much info about. However, Brock when revealed a hilarious prank he played on her, mirroring a different, lot nicer, and funnier side to his personality.

Brock convinced Sable to leaving her wedding tape off instead of taking it ~ above a trip, and also it climate went missing, together he hid it. Brock pretended their child had actually swallowed it, which resulted in her going with his diapers until Lesnar revealed his joke.

Brock Lesnar

The trips to Saudi Arabia for WWE"s PPVs in the country are lengthy ones, and also because that that several legends took the moment to go on a exclusive jet. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and also Jimmy Hart were traveling in layout when their aircraft ended up having actually technical issues.

However, this is whereby Brock Lesnar stepped in. He arranged for his airplane to pick the three of castle up, and also the legends every traveled back with Brock ~ above his aircraft instead.

Brock Lesnar and also R-Truth

A many of world seem to think the Brock Lesnar just wants to occupational with main event stars and also that the picks and chooses his opponents. However, as R-Truth revealed, Brock goes the end of his method to try to work-related with others.

After their hilarious segment with each other on life in 2020, which saw reality legitimately make Brock burst the end laughing, The Beast actually told fact he wanted to work-related with him more, mirroring he desires to try to aid others.

Drew McIntyre Vs Brock Lesnar (WrestleMania 36)

Brock Lesnar mostly does work in the main event scene, yet that doesn"t median he"s not mindful of the wrestler"s lower down ~ above the card. Once he first returned to WWE, attracted McIntyre was struggling, functioning as a member the 3MB together a jobber.

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drew revealed that Brock went the end of his method to examine on him and ask why he was being wasted in the comedy group, plainly believing that drew had much more to offer. This came complete circle nicely, with drew taking the WWE Championship from him at WrestleMania 36.

Brock Lesnar is a personal person and also someone that does keep to himself. However, he is additionally a man who has gone to the peak of the rings game and has plenty of advice that he can dish out to those that desire it.

In an interview with Inside The Ropes, Paige revealed the Brock is actually sweet backstage, and also that the is someone who is open up to giving out advice come those the ask because that it, making him a little bit of a locker room leader when he"s around.

an additional person that has talked out about what a nice human Brock Lesnar is in genuine life, is among his greatest ever rivals, Goldberg. Brock keeps his family life an extremely private, but he is a love husband and also father.

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Goldberg revealed that Brock Lesnar is a caring person underneath that all, and praised him for being a an excellent father, i beg your pardon is something many fans perform not associate through the leading wrestler, who is best known for ruining opponents and holding championships hostage.

Eddie Guerrero was universally beloved by pretty lot everyone the he worked with, and also his death caused substantial heartache in ~ the industry. One male who was deeply uncomfortable by his passing to be Brock Lesnar.

Vickie Guerrero revealed that Brock always hugs her once they view each other, informing her the misses his former opponent and also friend every day, and also takes the moment to think about him, proving that he is a lot much more caring 보다 his gimmick would certainly seem come suggest.

The WWE roster is frequently at the arenas a long time prior to the display even begins, and also because of that, over there is a lot of time to death for them. One video clip from one of WWE"s Saudi Arabia shows confirmed that Brock Lesnar likes to cave out with the roster as much as everyone else.

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A clip aired that him play soccer through Cesaro and Randy Orton before a show, proving that he"s similar to everybody else, no matter exactly how he is presented.

numerous celebrities work with the Make-A-Wish foundation, meeting up through ailing kids who pick to invest their time through them. John Cena is often pushed greatly by WWE together the human being who walk this for the promotion, however the truth is lots of wrestlers do, consisting of Brock Lesnar.

as result of the reality that it doesn"t specifically go together with the ass-kicking image that WWE paints that Lesnar, the isn"t something WWE yes, really promotes. However, there room videos and also images the showcase simply how an excellent Lesnar is at doing this events.

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Another good story the proves what a nice human being Brock Lesnar came from Corey Graves. The story come from the night Raw to be canceled because of the snow, i beg your pardon left the roster stranded.

They spent their night in a bar together there to be nothing else to do, and Brock Lesnar decided to pay a significant amount that money in order to keep it open up for everybody to enjoy, trying come lift the spirits of the roster, ~ he unexpected cancellation.

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