"The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar is an intimidating guy. Yet that doesn"t mean there aren"t any kind of wrestlers who"d stand up to him, just very few do!

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Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar has always been seen as a terrifying show in WWE, which is because of the means that he has actually been booked together a wrestler. However, The Beast Incarnate is booked in the manner because he is an extremely physical presence, and that is something that also his other WWE Superstars have actually been scared of at points.

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Lesnar is someone that likes to store to himself and also is a an extremely private person, so when someone crosses him, The Beast often doesn"t take it it kindly. Throughout history, some wrestlers have dared to stand approximately Lesnar, when others have actually bowed out, simply being as well scared the him.

Shane and also Brock

it shouldn"t it is in a surprised that Shane McMahon is confident sufficient to stand approximately Brock Lesnar as he has gathered quite the call for having actually no fear. The much has actually been displayed with his in-ring career, with Shane willing to execute anything in the ring.

after WrestleMania 34, Brock Lesnar had actually a significant fallout through Vince McMahon, which brought about him cram the universal Championship in ~ him. See this happen, Shane stood as much as Brock and confronted him in Gorilla Position, make it clear he wasn"t impressed with the situation.

Brock Lesnar suplexes large Show

It could seem insane for big Show to be afraid of anyone, together he is a literal giant, however in Brock Lesnar"s book, he share a story about putting The World"s largest Athlete in his place after he headed to developmental and also tried to intimidate him.

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Brock claims that he just dropped him to the mat with a twin leg takedown and he was crying. He likewise stood up to big Show once he was bullying some other younger talents, and also even despite they"re friends now, The Beast plainly wasn"t afraid of him.

Brock Lesnar and also Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose didn"t quite obtain the WrestleMania complement he was hoping for when he confronted Brock Lesnar. With Brock focusing on his upcoming UFC return, he didn"t quite want come go together hardcore and also dangerous together Ambrose.

most wrestlers would have actually stayed quiet around their issues, but not Dean. He clearly had no issues calling the end Lesnar, together he did specifically that ~ above Steve Austin"s WWE Network podcast, do his think on the Beast perfect clear.

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Undertaker and Brock Lesnar UFC confrontation

while The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar have constantly been friends, having huge respect because that each other, The Deadman has stood approximately The Beast in the past. Couple of wrestlers would have the confidence to head to a UFC event and also call the end Lesnar in former of the world, yet "Taker did simply that.

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at UFC 121, after Lesnar"s match, he walked right past The Undertaker in the audience that made the decision to speak to him out. He challenged Lesnar to step back into the people of WWE, i m sorry showcases just how unafraid the is.