Today we take a closer look in ~ Michigan linebacker Devin Bush and also examine if he deserve to be a good fit in the 49ers defense.

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Greetings Faithful! us are back with one more scouting report! Our focus turns come the linebacker position and also the protective side of the football. The san Francisco 49ers made part noise this offseason signing Kwon Alexander. Kwon is recovering from a significant ACL tear as he starts the next chapter of his career with the 49ers after ~ a stint through the Tampa bay Buccaneers. In addition to Alexander the team has Fred Warner and Malcolm Smith. Will John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan look to add much more depth to the position?

photograph by Stacy Revere/Getty images this particular day we are going to take a closer look at Michigan product linebacker and Devin Bush. Devin bush played a big role in the Wolverine defense and also had a productive season in 2018. As he gets all set to shift into the NFL, let us further explore and also see how bush can be a right in the 49ers defense.

Combine Results:

40 yard Dash: 4.43Bench Press: 21 RepsVertical Jump: 40.5”Broad Jump: 124.0”3 Cone: 6.9320 garden Shuttle: 4.23


Height: 5’11”Weight: 234 lbs.Hands: 9 5/8”Arms: 32”


Devin bush had an exceptional final season in Ann Arbor being named the Big10 protective Player that the Year and a second-team All-American. He tape-recorded 80 tackles, 9.5 tackles because that a loss, 5 sacks, and also 6 passes damaged up. When he can be taken into consideration a bit, undersized bush has a filled-out frame to support and absorb the hits and also contact. Bush plays a physics brand the football.

Bush has actually dual-threat abilities together both a run-stopping and pass protecting linebacker. This adds value to shrub as a potential three-down starter in ~ the following level. Bush uses his eyes well, and has good anticipation for whereby the play is going come occur. His eye follow the quarterback’s eyes which in turn, allows Bush to place himself to where the round is going.

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Devin bush vs. Nebraska (3 plays)1️⃣ display recognition and punishing handle (great task leading through shoulder and also keeping eye up)2️⃣ guy coverage path to stop rub route and also closing speed3️⃣ operation recognition versus inside region look, pursuit and also track round carrier

— Brad Kelly (

Bush has a natural blend that upper and also lower human body strength, through good, continuous body control and balance with contact. Shrub has demonstrated his capability to deliver leveraged hand strikes against blocks. Bush likewise demonstrates patience against run blocking. Trusts his lower body strength and also legs come drive with upright blockers. Bush has an excellent initial burst and also all-around speed and has the traits to it is in a sideline-to-sideline runner.

Ted’s movie Room: Linebacker Devin bush is the complete packageHe might do everything asked of an ILB at a high level. The just hole that human being can punctured in his video game is his height, yet every other component of Bush’s game doesn’t come increase short.Read:

— Ted Nguyen (

He will be able to defend versus runners and also receivers horizontally, specifically in the short and intermediate level of the field. Bush doesn’t permit himself come get captured up in crowded lanes and also navigates his way through traffic to make clean tackles on ball carriers on to run plays. Bush is more than likely the many versatile linebacker in this breeze class.

Devin shrub is the many versatile linebacker in this class. He does it every at a high level. Detailed malfunction coming following week for

Bush has experience together a pass rusher and also blitzer and also doesn’t show his hand come blockers on design blitz packages.

One large advantage bush has through his dimension is his capability to on slide by blockers with narrow gaps and also lanes once rushing the passer on an essential passing downs.

Is Devin bush a fit for the 49ers?

Detroit totally free Press-USA TODAY sporting activities i truly think that bush is the type of linebacker the the 49ers are trying to find in the defense the they desire to employ. Yes, that is a somewhat undersized because that the position. However, his rate and ability to covering the middle of the ar from sideline come sideline is a large plus in today’s pass-friendly league. Bush has a many value together a potential three-down linebacker with his strong abilities as a defender versus both the pass and also run. Add on the abilities to create disruption in the opponent’s backfield and producing sacks versus the passer and you yes, really do have a well-rounded linebacker. His filled-out framework should be the final check mark come dispel any worries about his size. The reality of the matter is, bush is a job one talent. V that said, is there any scenario that has shrub landing with the 49ers? opportunities are slim, yet not entirely out that the question. What if the 49ers traded out of the second overall pick, and acquired extr draft capital? possibly another very first round selection from…cough…cough…the Oakland Raiders…and provided that additional an initial rounder on bush in the early on twenties. Again, chances are slim but as I always say v the draft…never speak never!

What space YOUR think on Devin Bush? If the 49ers acquire an additional pick later in the very first round is Devin bush an option? you re welcome share in the comment below!