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Welcome to national "Fantasy Football Overreaction Week" (to be complied with conveniently by "Fantasy Football Overreactivity Week Part 2"). Yes, as we head right into Week 2, fantasy owners either have fury in their hearts from disappointing performances, or they"re dancing with joy after a preseachild sleeper hit huge. Many want to drop fifty percent their roster, while others think they"ll never have to make a waiver wire pickup again. Of course, we"ll all think the oppowebsite following week, so it"s necessary to remain level-headed. Still, fantasy owners should always be on the lookout for the best buy-low, sell-high trade targets, and also FantasyPros is here to aid with tips and also trade advice in their Week 2 Stock Watch that has Aaron Jones, Kyle Pitts, James Robinson, Melvin Gordon, and also Brandon Aiyuk, among others.

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Most fantasy owners don"t like to profession this early on in the season. Normally, we"d agree via that strategy. Tbelow are still far as well many type of unknowns to make any type of rash deals, however, aget, you have to constantly be on the lookout for an excellent possibility. If an impetuous owner has already provided up on, say, Ezekiel Elliott, then view if you have the right to acquire him for 50 cents on the dollar. Even if you"re not a huge Elliott fan this year, there"s a point wright here he becomes great value. Likewise, if you have actually a player that went off in Week 1 and desire to see what you have the right to acquire for him, don"t be shy. Worst situation, you do not acquire what you"re asking and you watch exactly how he does next week. If he does well aacquire, well, then the opportunities of a trade are even even more likely.


Remember, values have the right to readjust quickly in fantasy footsphere, so don"t gain too locked in on a specific profession tarobtain. Change your thinking as the trends adjust, but don"t be afrassist to strike if you have a great market on the table, even this at an early stage in the seaboy. -- Matt Lutovsky

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Week 2 Fantasy Footsphere Stock Watch: Buy-low candidates

Aaron Jones (RB – GB)

Aaron Rodgers arguably played the worst game of his NFL career on Sunday, and the Packers’ offense really struggled as a whole. Jones, a top-five player in redraft leagues this seachild, totaled seven touches for – wait for it – 22 yards against the Saints. It’s unlikely that Jones is being shopped in your league, however he"s worth checking in on. If you roster Jones, this "buy" label have to serve as your reminder to remain patient.

Najee Harris (RB – PIT)

Bills-Steelers was among the weirder games of the weekend. Harris didn’t erupt in his first game in the league, however it doesn’t matter. He played on all 58 offensive breaks. Eincredibly. Single. One. Fantasy footsphere is a volume game. Don’t overthink it. Buy Harris.

Odell Beckham Jr. (WR – CLE)

The Browns didn’t play OBJ (knee) in Week 1, however don’t panic. They were simply being cautious. Perhaps we shouldn’t bet on Beckham creating coherent stats at an early stage in the seakid, however we favor his chances at finishing solid. If that’s a profile that fits your team, then go obtain him.

Kyle Pitts (TE – ATL)

The highest-drafted tight end ever before enters the NFL with a locked-in prominent role within his team’s passing offense. Pitts is regularly described as a unicorn, a player who we all think have the right to overcome the greatly negative history of rookie tight ends in fantasy footsphere. In addition to his own talent, the case for Pitts lies in how a lot volume he can view. His offensive atmosphere is additionally positive, headlined by the underrated Matt Ryan and also the forward-thinking Arthur Smith. We kbrand-new Pitts’ seachild had actually a volatile range of outcomes, bring about 41 yards on three receptions in Week 1. The good news is he still had eight targets, which is superior for a rookie. It’s time to buy the dip.

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Week 2 Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Sell-high candidates

James Robinson (RB – JAC)

The 2020 undrafted free agent legitimately won world championships last seachild, so he’s someone we want to root for. Robinson’s value fluctuated throughout the offseason, however things seemed to be on the climb as soon as Travis Etienne (knee) went dvery own. Enter Urban Meyer. It’s fair to question his NFL coaching chops complying with an embarrassing Week 1 loss to the Texans. Jacksonville never before really had a opportunity in this one, which is still stunning to say, however Robinboy was underused. He played on 46 offensive breaks while Carlos Hyde played on 25. In addition, Robinboy was actually out-brought by Hyde. A lot of Hyde’s carries came through the game no longer in doubt, however Hyde did acquire the initially three carries of the game for the Jaguars, as well. It’s worth remembering that J-Rob lived off volume as a rookie. If he doesn’t have that, then he ssuggest can’t be viewed as very.

Melvin Gordon (RB – DEN)

The last stat line looks significant – 101 yards and also a score on 11 attempts while mixing in for three receptions and a second 17 yards. Those numbers were extremely inflated by a 70-yard scamper, yet, in the fourth quarter. It was a great run that really opened an possibility for Gordon managers to trade him amethod and also profit. As the seaboy moves alengthy, this backfield should trfinish even more and also more toward Javonte Williams, that actually had actually three even more carries than Gordon in Week 1. The Jaguars and Jets the following two weeks are two appetizing matchups to try and also offer would-be-buyers on.

Brandin Cooks (WR – HOU)

The Week 1 upcollection over Jacksonville was inspired, and also possibly Cooks will "volume" his means to a solid fantasy project. For me, I’m looking to cash in on 132 yards versus a woeful Jaguars additional.

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Week 2 Fantasy Footsphere Stock Watch: Players to hold

Austin Ekeler (RB – LAC)

This could be one we end up regretting because we don’t want to overreact to one week. However, there’s a brand-new coaching staff in L.A., so there’s certainly a chance the Chargers will certainly usage players in different ways than the previous program. For Ekeler, that supposed receiving zero targets in the passing game. The great news is he was given a goal-line bring en path to rushing 15 times for 57 yards and a score. Perhaps this was matchup-based, however it’s still stselection. If similar consumption continues in Week 2, then Ekeler will certainly be an easy sell candidate. He requirements those receptions.

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Brandon Aiyuk (WR – SF)

The second-year wideout obtained a whopping zero targets in Week 1. This absolutely wasn’t what fantasy owners were expecting, and also it’s troublesome that Kyle Shanahan has a background of placing receivers in the dogresidence (think Dante Pettis). Aiyuk isn’t a "sell" bereason we’d be trading him at his lowest allude. He also isn’t a "buy" bereason there is some hazard connected till we number out what’s going on. For currently, host.

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