BREAKING NEWS: male Fieri will be back for the football player Tailgate in Houston.

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Get ready for the ultimate tailgate endure at Super bowl LI in 2017!

About the Tailgate:

Bullseye event Group’s exclude, Players Tailgate in ~ the supervisor Bowl has earned the reputation as the best Super key pre-game experience, where over 25 energetic NFL players, celebrities and also guests eat, drink and also get entertained prior to the huge game. Defined as a culinary experience in itself, The players Tailgate attributes an open up premium bar and all-you-can-eat dining through gourmet dishes. The 2016 Tailgate menu was developed by renowned celebrity chefs man Fieri, Aaron May, Beau MacMillan and also G Garvin.

We recognize a an excellent thing as soon as we view one and also that is why Bullseye occasion Group is excited to announce Celebrity Chef guy Fieri will certainly be the 2017 football player Tailgate chef at the Super bowl in Houston. Aaron May and also Guy Fieri will certainly be picking two an ext celebrity chefs to sign up with the all-star kitchen in Houston.

Guests gain an indoor/outdoor pavilion inside wall with personal tables and an abundance of soft white leather furniture whereby you have the right to watch ESPN’s pre-game coverage transfer on large LED monitors. That is an remarkable experience because that football fans young and also old! This is one all-ages event! as soon as it’s time for the Super bowl Sunday there isn’t a better option 보다 the players Tailgate.

Take a look in ~ the video clip from the 2016 players Tailgate in san Francisco for Super key 50 to get an idea of what’s in store.

The Food:


Guy Fieri – Celebrity Chef for the 2016 & 2017 players Tailgate

Guy Fieri, the many recognizable chef in America, will certainly be developing an exclusive all-you-can-eat food selection for The players Tailgate attendees again in Houston for the 2017 supervisor Bowl.

Guy Fieri can be seen on television virtually every work on the Food Network. His shows incorporate Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy’s big Bite, guy Off the Hook, Dinner: Impossible, Guy’s grocery store Games, Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, The following Food Network Star, Ultimate recipe Showdown, The best Thing I ever before Ate and Minute to victory It, just to name a few.


Eddie Jackson –Celebrity “Fit” Chef because that the 2017 football player Tailgate

2017 chef Eddie Jackson Season 11 winner the the “Next Food Network Star,” Jackson has developed a unique style of food preparation that combines two of his best passions, food and fitness. After ~ retiring indigenous a successful career in the NFL, Jackson took time to tirelessly hone his cooking craft, competing and also finishing in the top 6 that Fox’s “MasterChef” in season 4. Jackson can be checked out on Food Network’s “BBQ Blitz.”


Aaron may – Celebrity Chef for 2015, 2016 & 2017 players Tailgate in ~ the super Bowl

2017 cook Aaron May is a height chef in America deserve to prepare an incredible meal because that 2 come 200 people, in stimulate to thought about one the the ideal caterers in America you need to be able to create a meal for 2200 and also have that as good as the meal for 2 come 200. That is why Aaron might is considered the finest caterer in the US.

Chef may is classically trained in Paris in ~ the Ecole Ritz Escoffier and is inducted right into the Arizona Culinary room of call in 2010 together a “Chef Extraordinaire.” He has actually been featured ~ above Food Network’s wildly renowned Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and TLC’s ideal Food Ever. His fiercely loyal fan base has recognized the with countless local awards, consisting of “Best Tapas” and also “Best Speakeasy,” and also he has likewise garnered fist from national publications such together Food & Wine, Condé Nast Traveler, Sunset Magazine and also USA Today.

A rapid mind and also a low threshold because that boredom, which go a long means toward explaining the restaurant realm he’s building. Provided his passion for food and irrepressible creativity, is why he is considered one of the optimal caterers in America.


2017 chief Douglas Rodriquez

2017 chief Douglas Rodriquez is the around the world acclaimed “Godfather that Nuevo Latino Cuisine,” Douglas Rodriguez has actually blazed a trace that has inspired famous chefs around the people to take it after his cooking creativity. Selected as among the 100 Americans that will affect the comes millennium in the culinary industry, Rodriguez is among the differentiated culinary upstream to be on the very first season of “Top chief Masters” on Bravo.

Rodriguez can additionally be checked out in a myriad on nationwide publications, such as Food and Wine, urban Home, Esquire and also Bon Appétit. The popular chef has also made countless television appearances on reflects such together The Late display with David Letterman, good Morning America, The now Show and CBS Weekend Morning.


2017 chief Reno Henriques

2017 chef Reno Henriques is the renowned chef and owner of new Catch, one island-style restaraunt specializing in seafood and also world-class deli meats, Reno Henriques has created a distinctive culinary style. Well-known as the “Poke master of Hawai’i,” Henriques i graduated from the western Culinary institute in Portland, Oregon. After ~ graduation, Henriques chased his dream of prepare delectable seafood dishes, inspired by his childhood alongside the ocean, diving and fishing.


2017 chef Rodolfo Valdes

2017 chief Rodolfo Valdes was born into a family members of restauranteurs, Valdes knew from a young period that delighted in providing world with a great meal. ~ graduating native the institution of culinary Arts at the art Institute, Valdes honed his handmade while studying at the world renowned Cordon smoke in Paris, France and London, England.

Valdes is right now executive chef at the Pan Y Agua restaurant group, founded in 2008 through Crave Kitchen & Bar in Cincinnati, OH. Pan Y Agua boasts few of the best restaurants in the country, with four Crave locations, independent Burger and TI:ME in ~ Montecillo.


2017 chef Pete Blohme

2017 cook Pete Blohme is the Owner and executive chief of Panini Pete’s Cafe and also Bakeshop in Fairhope, Alabama, Pete Blohme has made headlines nationwide. Gift featured with guy Fieri on mirrors such together Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Guy’s huge Bite top top Food Network, as well as CMT’s Sweet home Alabama.

Ole Hickory BBQ Pits will be ~ above hand at the football player Tailgate! production wood burning smoker ovens and barbecue pits, Ole Hickory utilizes their state the the art equipment to assist produce good, old-fashioned barbecue.

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Pioneers in the barbecuing business since 1974, Ole Hickory offers services worldwide, from commercial endeavors to little “mom-and-pop” operators. One Ole Hickory BBQ Pit will certainly be set up in ~ the 2017 football player Tailgate to assist in the creation of a Texas-sized barbecue feast!

The Venue:

2017 players Tailgate venue because that Super key LI has actually been announced!

The 2017 venue for The football player Tailgate in ~ Super key LI is in a prime location situated only 1 1/2 blocks from the entrance to the Super bowl at NRG Stadium. Bullseye occasion Group will certainly be transforming Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston right into one that the hottest pre-game VIP parties.


2016 SB50 players Tailgate Host:

*2017 football player Tailgate hold will it is in announced in December 2016