A company is plan to purchase a maker that will cost $24,000, have actually a six-year life, and be depreciated over a three-year period with no rescue value. The company expects to offer the machine"s output of 3,000 units evenly throughout every year. A projected revenue statement for every year of the asset"s life appears below. What is the bookkeeping rate of return for this machine?

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A price that can not be avoided or adjusted because it occurs from a previous decision, and is irregularity to future decisions, is dubbed a(n):
Parker Plumbing has received a distinct one-time order because that 1,500 faucets (units) in ~ $5 every unit. Parker at this time produces and also sells 7,500 units at $6.00 each. This level represents 75% of its capacity. Production expenses for this units space $4.50 per unit, which consists of $3.00 change cost and $1.50 solved cost. To produce the one-of-a-kind order, a new device needs to it is in purchased in ~ a cost of $1,000 through a zero rescue value. Management expects no other transforms in expenses as a an outcome of the added production. Should the firm accept the special order?
Marcus processes four different products that have the right to either be offered as is or processed further.Listed listed below are sales and added cost data:
A price that calls for a present and/or future outlay the cash, and is typically an incremental cost, is a(n):
Which among the following methods considers the time value of money in evaluating different capital expenditures?


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