American truth star Carla Facciolo is renowned for lot Wives2: The Christening (2012), lot Wives (2011) and also Mob Wives: The Sit under (2012). Carla has actually an estimated net precious of $1.5 million together of 2018.

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The renowned actress Carla was born on 14 January 1968 in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn. Carla was renowned after joining the first season the the VHI truth series, “Mob Wives”. Carla an initial appeared on mob Wives once the present premiered ~ above April 17, 2011.

Carla is of afri American ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Carla Facciolo network Worth and also Earnings


Carla Faccio has a network worth of $1.5 million as of 2018. Image Source:-VH1

The supervisor talented actress Carla Facciolo’s net worth is approximated to it is in $1.5 million dollars together of 2018. She gained large universality after certification in the present “Mob Wives”, at this time the 2nd season is on, i beg your pardon plays ~ above VH1. Many of her income are gathered indigenous her exhilaration career.

This was among my favourite times in Miami ! #greatmemorys #funtimes #mobwives #
MsMarissaJade #RipAngela ❤️?

— Carla Facciolo (
Carlafacciolo) January 8, 2018

Like other stars, Carla additionally seems to be energetic on Instagram and also Twitter. She has roughly 240k pendant on she Instagram account conversely, 254k pendant on her Twitter account. She posts photos and videos of her day to day life. Carla’s social accounts have actually helped her a many in gaining attention from she fans.

The 50 year old actress Carla Facciolo is a housewife as well as a sales representative because that a juice company.

Carla Fracciolo Husband and also children


Carla Fracciolo v her ex-husband Joseph Ferragamo.Image Source:-All about TRH

The good-looking woman Carla who deserve to dazzle anyone with her warm looks started dating street men when she was only 17 years old. Carla Facciolo married Joseph Ferragamo who is a stockbroker. Carla and also Joseph were blessed with a twin, a son called Joe and a daughter named Carmen.

A article shared through Carla Facciolo (
carlafacciolo) on might 13, 2018 in ~ 4:05pm PDT

It is recognized that Carla’s ex-husband Joseph Ferragamo to be serving an 88-month jail term because that stock fraud when she joined the display “Mob Wives” and also was released once Carla to be doing Season 2 of the show.

It is known that later sadly because of some difficulty the pair divorced but now they room trying to clear up things among them and also are do the efforts to start a brand-new romantic connection again.

Carla Facciolo’s Father

The 50 year old actress Carla’s dad Louis Facciolo, to be born in 1941 in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

He was a Gambino crime household mob associate who served under capo Leonard DiMaria and also a brother of a Lucchese crime household mobster Bruno Facciolo. The was uncovered shot to fatality in respectable 1990. Bruno shot to fame when it was known that he was murdered by the NYPD “mafia cops”.

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