RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - respectable 17: Kyrie Irving #10 and also Carmelo Anthony #15 the United claims laugh on the bench against Argentina during the Men's Quarterfinal enhance on work 12 of the Rio 2016 Olympic gamings at Carioca Arena 1 on august 17, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Every year, Foot Locker and some the the top athletes in the world team up for the celebration the is the week of Greatness.

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Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving and also Anthony Davis (three big-time stars in the NBA) aided celebrate this year’s version of mainly of Greatness, and also they additionally “starred” in a video clip promoting this unique week.

Three various other NBA stars — Damian LillardJames Harden and Kristaps Porzingis — also joined in on the action in an additional commercial for Week of Greatness, and you can inspect it out by following this link.

Both videos feature look-alikes the the athletes stated above, as opposed come actually having them show up in the videos.

To gain a much better understanding the what this week is about, let’s revolve to

Every year, Foot Locker celebrates the mainly of Greatness v the optimal athletes and also artists in the league. Yet this year, we’re act something different. Rather of certification in our commercials, Foot Locker is empowering this players and celebrities to make a real distinction in the real civilization with their own Acts of Greatness with the action-oriented platform – #GreatnessDoesGood. In enhancement to the #GreatnessDoesGood campaign, Foot Locker will certainly donate brand-new shoes indigenous its very own supply to benefit those impacted by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

You have the right to get involved by share your own Acts of Greatness by tagging #GreatnessDoesGood and donating new and gently-worn shoes in Foot locker stores about the world, beginning Nov. 18 v Nov. 26, 2017. For this reason this Week, grab some kicks and also follow in the footsteps that the good ones by doing your very own Acts that Greatness in ~ home. Due to the fact that whether you’re a fan or a star, being great is around doing good. #GreatnessDoesGood

Here’s what Melo had actually to say about Week that Greatness, follow to

“Helping Puerto Rico overcome the devastating influence of Hurricane Maria is a cause that is an extremely near and dear to mine heart. Foot Locker’s generosity throughout the main of Greatness will undoubtedly have actually an impact as the island continues to rebuild and also recover the numerous items, including clothing and also shoes, the were lost,” claimed NBA star, Carmelo Anthony. “I encourage everyone to sign up with me in donating any unworn pair the you have the right to to aid those in require in Puerto Rico through the #GreatnessDoesGood campaign.”

It’s constantly amazing to watch athletes giving ago when castle aren’t ~ above the court/field reflecting off your talents, and also that’s what mainly of Greatness is all about.

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Working through
footlocker give earlier to my people in Puerto Rico. Join us in this struggle #GreatnessDoesGood #WeekofGreatness #StayMe7o

— Carmelo Anthony (
carmeloanthony) November 16, 2017

Let's all execute our part to give ago this #WeekofGreatness! #GreatnessDoesGood
footlocker and also their #GreatnessDoesGood campaign! support the cause and also make a shoes donation in ~ your local store throughout the #WeekofGreatness.

— Anthony Davis (
footlocker and also their #GreatnessDoesGood campaign. Sign up with me and also go out and also donate! #WeekofGreatness

— K.A.I A11Even (
footlocker and also their #GreatnessDoesGood campaign. Gain involved! #WeekofGreatness

— Damian Lillard (
Dame_Lillard) November 17, 2017

Via the short article mentioned above:

“I’ve partnered v Foot Locker prior to but this year’s main of Greatness campaign is special due to the fact that I obtain the possibility to do something that’s essential to me i m sorry is support the community and aid those in need,” claimed NBA star, Damian Lillard. Later this mainly I’ll it is in working with Foot Locker on mine ‘Act the Greatness’ in Portland, talking through teens around respecting every other and also themselves, and spreading the #GreatnessDoesGood spirit.”

With several of the greatest names in the sport, we might only imagine that Foot Locker’s mainly of Greatness was a significant success this year. Nonetheless, us love seeing professional athletes giving earlier in a huge way.