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Anyone saying the Falcons drafting a QB at 4 doesn't bother Matt is therefore wrong. Matt Ryan is a an excellent guy and also I think he would certainly be a good leader and also mentor to whoever the falcons brought in because that's the kind of male he is yet to pretend choose it wouldn't bother it or it's not maintaining him up at nights wonder if he will be ~ above this team 3 year from now? You men are kidding yourself if friend don't think he's at all nervous heading right into the draft. Drafting a QB at 4 means the falcons don't have actually him in their future plans. That's going come hurt anyone. Try putting yourselves in Matt's shoes guys. Some of you are really out of touch

Bro football is a business, I understand you feel bad for Matt and also the points he is walk through. He will certainly be on another team if gets cut from ours team. The is a room of famer in my mind yet we can not afford come be payment him his contract v a team v so many holes

Personally? Meh. Ns think Matt's flexible and a team player. He's going to role with every little thing happens. If he requirements to coach increase a young QB and also let him begin a pair games, i don't see him worrying around it. If he's the man, then I'm certain he'll all in.

I think he'll have no difficulty helping a young qb out however he would definitely not it is in happy around him starting any game

This is a naive believed process. Matt has actually spent the critical 13 year in Atlanta but sure he’s no worried around being required out

Carson do a great point, component of me wants to check out a pissed off Matt this season if we draft a QB at 4. Us have had actually Matt for virtually 15 year so he knows his time is virtually up anyways so ns think he handle this v grace

I don’t think he’s sweating it, he’ll perform his job regardless what happens. If that is though, a pissed turn off Matty Ice would certainly be funny to watch. We saw how Rodgers reaction to the Packers acquisition a QB.

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I understand his argument on an ext weapons because that ryan, however he has always had weapons. Ns dont know if thatll put them in position to win a SB tho. And also i dont view a problem with someone sitting behind ryan because that a year

If he to be 30 yeah I’d agree. I think he is fine and understands in ~ his age and end that contract nearing