FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- three shootings in main and south east Fresno due to the fact that Tuesday night sent out three men and an 18-year-old woman to the hospital.RELATED: Fresno police search for multiple shooters after ~ two males shot in central Fresno

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They room the recent victims that violence, i m sorry police speak is mostly the an outcome of rival corridor members targeting one another. However the regular gunfire has plenty of living in fear."I talk to few of my youngsters they call me, going what if I"m riding with the not correct people? They"re simply shooting in ~ anybody. What if they catch me walking under the street? The parents are scared because that the kids," claims Joby Jones.He works closely with kids and also adults to carry out positive outlets with the Street Saints program and says the shootings are an ext reckless 보다 he"s ever seen in the past.Deputy Chief mark Salazar claims innocent bystanders room occasionally captured in the crossfire, yet he does not think anyone is the end randomly targeting residents."We"ve seen some social media posts about a brand-new gang, "Catch a Body." That"s every rumor. That"s to incite the community. Over there is no serial killer the end there. Over there is no one doing arbitrarily police shootings. It"s ours gangs," states Salazar.
He and several leaders met with around 20 ar leaders at Westside Church of God in Southwest Fresno critical Tuesday before launching a violent crime suppression operation. He says the group expressed a desire because that a legislation enforcement visibility without "over-policing."RELATED: Fresno Police continuing operation to crack down on farming shootings, murders
"So us made a commitment no to pull over 100 people and also hope we have an armed gang member in there. Our procedure is really intel driven, it"s really focused top top those efforts, so we"re seeing part success v that," defines Salazar.He add to officers have actually taken 37 firearms off the street this previous week and also arrested 61 corridor members, including some ~ above federal weapons charges.That stays clear of zero bail releases and also keeps suspects in jail until they deserve to have a court hearing. Salazar also reports there to be no shootings in the southwest area in the past 48 hours.

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Jones states he welcomes the partnership v police and hopes it"s a action in the ideal direction.He says, "Any time there"s no structure, no law, no disciplinary actions behind what"s walk on, it"s walking to run amuck, and we don"t want this city to turn right into the wild wild west."Police say as whole shootings space up much more than 100 percent compared to this time critical year. They"ve additionally seen a recent rise of gang-related shootings in Northeast and Northwest Fresno.The department has 127 policemans assigned come the present suppression operation, and also Salazar says they room working about the clock to shot to gain the violence under control.