In today’s tech pushed world, firms must proceed to monitor and also improve their technology, which also includes their websites. For secondary market service providers that provide an auction layout marketplace, this is specifically true. Because that these firms, your front door is their website’s residence page and also the company they carry out is the modern technology behind the auctions. For central Trade & transport (CTT), having the best technology and elevating the standards for the an additional market market is top priority.

After just three years, CTT has redesigned and amplified its website technology. Castle listened to clients, both buyers and also sellers, climate tested and also monitored the site’s ease of use and navigation. Through this crucial feedback, they invested time and money into enhancing the website both visibly and functionally.

from a visibility standpoint, CTT’s in-house style team improved the look at and capability for users to uncover what matters most, the listings that non-traded REITs and limited partnerships for sale.

according to Jon Baker, Principal and head of technology for CTT, “making it easy for buyers provides it much better for sellers.” By enabling buyers to conveniently navigate the site and review listings, it increases the odds that they will certainly make a bid.

because that bidding buyers, friend are currently able to easily see your highest bid through your log in page. In the past, if a the person who lives bid 10 cents above a to make reservation price, but forgot the exact figure, that was challenging to navigate the site and also find the number. Now, buyers will watch it ideal away do the procedure easier come monitor.

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The redesigned site also makes it less complicated for sellers. Any interested participant might register because that the site to gain accessibility to historic pricing and real time listings. CTT’s efforts for boosted visibility and transparency will enable sellers to far better anticipate a potential revenue price if permitting other industry participants come see genuine time pricing.

CTT argues using Mozilla Firefox as your browser, yet users that Internet explorer 9.0 or newer, Chrome, or other Mozilla version should be able to use the site in that is entirety.

In the close to future, customers will benefit from a blog on CTT’s website that will administer informational contents as it relates to the second markets. Subject here can include items such as market reactions to industry news announcements or much more basic object such as their paperwork process.

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examine out CTT’s website and their meeting to technology by visiting or click here.