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Chinese Yuan
Indian rupee
The Chinese Yuan (meaning "round object" or "round coin" in Chinese) is the base unit of a number of contemporary Chinese currencies. The Yuan is the major unit of account that the Renminbi. In countless parts that China, renminbi room counted in "kuai" quite than "Yuan". -- The Indian rupee is the official money of the Republic the India. The issuance the the money is regulated by the Reserve financial institution of India. In various parts the India, the currency is well-known as the rupee, rupiya, rupaye, taka, Tanka.
CNYINRCNYINR1 CNY =11.46222 INR0.08724 CNY =1 INR2 CNY =22.92444 INR0.17448 CNY =1 INR5 CNY =57.3111 INR0.4362 CNY =1 INR10 CNY =114.6222 INR0.8724 CNY =1 INR20 CNY =229.2444 INR1.7448 CNY =1 INR25 CNY =286.5555 INR2.181 CNY =1 INR50 CNY =573.111 INR4.362 CNY =1 INR100 CNY =1146.222 INR8.724 CNY =1 INR1000 CNY =11462.22 INR87.24 CNY =1 INR

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