Winter is here at Hartfeld! The Sophomore: Book 2 picks up at the start of winter quarter. The ups and downs of college life await The Sophomore crew. To get the 411 on The Sophomore, I chatted with The Sophomore writers. Read on for more...

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So, what do you have planned for fans of The Sophomore in Book 2?

Saran: As always, there’ll be fun, romance, and drama; if you played through the end of Book 1, you’ll know that there’s trouble on the horizon, so a big part of the next book will be resolving those issues! We’ll also be focusing more on the main character and her academic/professional aspirations. Where Book 1 was more about solidifying your relationships with other characters and trying to help them reach their goals, Book 2 is more about seeing that closeness pay off when it’s time for your friends to help YOU. Depending on how much you’ve been there for them in the past, you might even get some special rewards…

A few new friends were introduced in The Sophomore: Book 1. Will this trend continue?

Maya: There will definitely be a few new faces, some friendly… and some not! Apart from that, players are still getting to know the new characters introduced in Book 1, and they’ll definitely continue to play a role this book. We’re also very excited to introduce a few previously mentioned but never before seen family members of certain characters, so we hope players will enjoy meeting them!

What part of The Sophomore: Book 2 are you most excited for readers to encounter?

Saran: I don’t want to give too much away, but I think readers will really enjoy seeing some existing plot lines reach their exciting conclusions. We’re also trying to expand our customization a little—in addition to being able to choose their player character’s look, readers will have a few opportunities to give other characters more comprehensive makeovers as well!

You"re caught in a snowball fight! Who would you pick to be on your side in the battle?

Saran: Definitely Edgar. That guy has so many hidden talents, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s secretly got a mean throwing arm. If nothing else, he could probably rig up a snow cannon or something to make short work of our opponents.

Elizabeth: I would definitely pick Kaitlyn. She"s the type of person who would always have your back - and she"s not afraid to fight dirty!

Sara: A hundred percent, I would pick Amara. She seems like a fighter, and, let’s be real, I would die for her on the field of battle.

Maya: Becca. She’s ruthless (you all saw her in our beloved Halloween spinoff - glad you had as much fun reading it as we did writing it!).

In college, winter quarter can get pretty rough. Got any tips for students about to start their winter quarter?

Sara: Finding a coffee shop like Zig’s workplace really made a difference for my college experience — I even ended up working as a barista there. Especially during winter, enjoying a hot drink, surrounded by other people studying and socializing kept me comfy, caffeinated, and accountable to get my work done.

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Maya: Get plenty of sleep! With the shorter days, it’s easier to feel tired and to lose track of the time, so rest up. Winter blues are definitely a thing I’m familiar with when the weather gets colder and the skies get grayer. In college I found that it was really comforting some nights to just curl up with some hot cocoa and a book or a show to watch instead of worrying about homework and projects. It’s important to give yourself time to relax and take care of yourself every now and then.

Saran: Join some new clubs or try a new activity! Even if you’ve already made a solid group of friends, meeting new people is always valuable. If you’re feeling gloomy, sometimes trying something different can shake you out of your funk. But of course it’s good to stay connected to your existing friends too. Life is a balance!

Words to live by. Check out The Sophomore: Book 2, available now! And check back later this month for more new Choices books!