Pirates of the Caribbean 3: Why Chow Yun-Fat's duty Was diminished in China Chinese movie star Chow Yun-Fat observed his function in Pirates the the Caribbean: at World"s End reduced in China. Here"s why his screen-time was cut in half.

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Here"s why Chow Yun-Fat"s role in Pirates of the Caribbean: in ~ World"s End was decreased in China. The Chinese action movie star is finest known because that his international films like Hard Boiled or Crouching Tiger, covert Dragon, however he join the realm of American blockbusters v the Pirates the the Caribbean franchise in 2003. Chow Yun-Fat illustrated Captain Sao Feng in the third Pirates the the Caribbean movie in what served as critical supporting role.

The plot of Pirates of the Caribbean: in ~ World"s End adheres to Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and also Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) together they effort to rescue Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from Davy Jones" locker and also bring him back to life. This story eventually leads come Will and also Elizabeth conference Sao Feng together they attempted come steal his navigational charts to locate the locker. Although Sao Feng wants Jack to continue to be dead, the agrees to a attend to Will and also Elizabeth that will certainly make will certainly captain the the Black Pearl in exchange because that a reunion through Jack. And also while Sao Feng gets to confront Jack again, he die in the film"s climax.

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With this role, Yun-Fat receives practically twenty minutes of screen-time in Pirates the the Caribbean: at World"s End. However, he obtained a much smaller role in China many thanks to Chinese censors. The reason for the reduced function of Sao Feng was the belief among Chinese censors the it vilified and defaced the Chinese. As a result, Sao Feng was only featured in around 10 minute of the version of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 released in China. The smaller duty for Sao Feng did not dramatically adjust his arc, return they perform make that more an overwhelming to track the plot.

These transforms are very early example of the censorship that still impacts movies possibly being exit in China to this day. Among the certain scenes cut from Pirates that the Caribbean: at World"s End includes Sao Feng reciting a renowned Chinese poem. One more cut removed his "Welcome come Singapore" line as result of the implicitly Singapore is a land because that pirates. Although these cut were made to obtain the film"s Chinese release approved, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 didn"t do that well in the country. That made less than $17 million in its entire run, making that the 11th highest international sector for the film.

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Even though Disney allowed Chow Yun-Fat"s role to it is in reduced and didn"t see that huge of a return, Pirates of the Caribbean: in ~ World"s End still played a valuable part in the franchise"s popular in China growing. ~ the second film wasn"t exit in the country, Pirates that the Caribbean 3 regulated to gain fans interested again. This led to Pirates of the Caribbean: ~ above Stranger Tides make $70 million in China, with 2017"s Pirates that the Caribbean: Dead males Tell No Tales grossing end $170M the its $794M full in China. So, also though Pirates that the Caribbean: at World"s End had to mitigate Chow Yun-Fat"s role to relax in China, Disney has because seen the financial obtain of farming a pan base there.