Many big Brother fans criticized Christine Varner for seemingly cheating on her husband through Cody Calafiore during season 16. She has since gotten divorced and remained relatively active in the huge Brother community. After opened up around her feelings concerning the upcoming highly anticipated All-Stars season, the former houseguest exposed the producers by explain they composed her diary room sessions.

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Big brother 16 houseguest Christine Varner nee Brecht master the battle of the Block compete | Sonja Flemming

Christine Varner completed on ‘Big brother 16’

In 2014, climate 23-year-old Tucson-based barista Christine Varner, previously Brecht, join the cast of Big brothers 16. She and Nicole Franzel nearly immediately became good friends, and the majority of the houseguests additionally enjoyed her.

On the 2nd night, Devin Shepherd brought her right into the Bomb squad without the various other members’ permission. Still, after his eviction, some of the continuing to be allies invite her into the other majority alliance, The Detonators.

Cody provides Christine a dino kiss. #BB16

— BigBrotherLeak (
BigBrotherLeak) September 1, 2014

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After working with them for a while, she started playing both political parties of the house and attempted to get ally Zach Rance evicted. After ~ Nicole Franzel flood the beans to the current college graduate, he started working versus Varner, and she eventually joined the jury, placing 6th in the competition.

During she time in the house, Varner, who was married in ~ the time, obtained into a controversial relationship with fellow Detonator Cody Calafiore as the two typically flirted with each other. Once she walked the end of the huge Brother house adhering to her eviction, the audience greeted her through boos.

Christine Varner opens up around ‘Big brothers 16’ experiences

Now 29-years-old, Varner has opened up around her time on Big brother 16. When asked just how she felt once the audience booed her, the BB16 star answered in a TikTok video that she “loved it” as that’s just how many civilization remember her.

Additionally, she claimed the two men who began the booing apologized to she afterward and told her they were there come boo Frankie Grande together they assumed he would obtain evicted that night.

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After CBS announced the premiere day for the extremely anticipated All-Stars season, the BB16 star took to Instagram to express just how she felt about not receiving one invite to return.