A new video of caucus voters being counted in Polk County, Iowa is raising some questions. At Roosevelt High School, the video posted on C-SPAN.org reflects some confusion during the count, and also Bernie Sanders’ volunteers begging for a recount. Bernie Sanders says he is now asking for voting irregularities to be further investigated.

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This comes as the Hillary Clinton campaign declared a narrow win over Bernie Sanders in the Iowa Caucus.

“Hillary Clinton has won the Iowa Caucus. After thorough reporting — and analysis — of results, tbelow is no uncertainty and Secretary Clinton has actually clearly won the the majority of nationwide and also state deleentrances. Statistically, there is no impressive information that might change the outcomes and also no method that Senator Sanders deserve to overcome Secretary Clinton’s advantage” a Clinton campaign spokesperson said in a statement. The Iowa state Democratic chairmale announced that Clinton had actually been awarded 700.59 state delegate equivalents. Bernie Sanders has been awarded 696.82.

But some Bernie Sanders supporters are clinging on to what taken place in Des Moines as evidence of an insufficient count.

Here is the full video via CSPAN which alleges “Clinton voter fraud In Polk County, Iowa Caucus #IowaCaucus” on the video headline:

In the video, you can hear a volunteer say there are 223 for Bernie Sanders.

“We want to make certain they counted everyone, some civilization can have actually been left,” a Bernie Sanders supporter states in the video, “I just desire it to be exact, the numbers don’t add up.”

The caucus chair then announces the totals: Clinton 232 to Sanders 224, including that 3 world were lost in the melee.

“I understand there might be some constercountry around the vote, ” Drew Gentsch, the Des Moines Democratic Precinct Caucus Chair, says to the crowd, “I don’t believe it will change the delegate math, but I might be wrong.”

The crowd votes down a recount.

“The reporting application is not functioning appropriately so I have to execute it by hand also,” Gentsch shelp in front of a video camera.

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“You’re guess is as good as mine regarding what taken place,” Sanders told the Burlington Free Press. “I deserve to only hope and also intend the count will certainly be hocolony.”

As for whether this might affect the last outcome. It is unclear. The Caucus chair said tright here were simply 9 delegates up for grabs in this precinct (#43). According to reports, the last delegate count finished exceptionally close. The allocation is just 4 delegates apart– to Clinton’s advantage. So, if the Bernie camp finds various other irregularities, tright here is constantly a potential that could readjust things.