Those at Friday’s The wade Dead panel at mountain Diego Comic-Con were treated come an exclusive an initial look at the AMC series’ anticipated sixth season, i m sorry kicks off with an extended 90-minute premiere top top Oct. 11, and also intelligence indigenous the cast around what’s in store currently that rick Grimes and firm have got to Alexandria.

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The trailer mixes and old footage and also teases a season that emphasizes an continuous power struggle, both between both Rick’s band of outsiders and Alexandria residents and also between rick ( Lincoln) and also Morgan (Lennie James), who changed at the end of season 5.

But prior to you analysis every second, showrunner Scott Gimple warned that you shouldn’t trust everything you see. “We periodically play through the reality in trailers,” Gimple said. “Rick is absolutely faced with difficulties with way he walk things. … Things may not be what lock seem.”

The 13-person panel, hosted by talk Dead host chris Hardwick, went on to information what’s in keep on Oct. 11. Noticeably missing was co-creator Robert Kirkman, who was sick, however there in spirit as producers brought paddles v cut-outs the his mustache face, hold them increase whenever he was mentioned.

Makeup designer Greg Nicotero states this season, they’re taking the zombie impacts even further and pushing decomposition. Take, because that example, the half-zombie, half-swamp man creature vinaipublishers.comed in the trailer, who emerges indigenous the woods to Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) dismay. The zombie is dubbed “The Bernie Wrightson,” together it’s motivated by Bernie Wrightson’s comic book art.

In addition to zombies, season 6 will the return the Morgan, who actor Lennie James says had actually one important an ideas for detect Rick: “Rick is the only guy left on earth who to know him.” yet where to be he all this time?

“He to be painting. Getting to recognize himself,” James joked. “We may find out this season. Among the things he to be doing to be trying to find Rick. And also now it appears he wishes he hadn’t.”

Other large nnaipublishers.coms: the wolves from the end of season 5 will appear in “surprising” means this season.

Joining the actors for season 6 room Corey Hawkins, Grace and also Frankie actor Ethan Embry, and Nurse Jackie actress Merritt Wever. Wever will certainly play a character from the comic, however no more details are known.

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But don’t worry, the cast also answered the vital questions. Like, what’s Reedus’ favourite emoji? “I choose the red balloon,” he offered. Also, to gain in character, Reedus prefers “a lot of Motörhead. A lot of coffee. Ns play candy Crush a lot.”

Furthermore, Lincoln answer the question on everyone’s mind: walk he miss the beard? also though his wife might not, that admits he does. “The most painful component was looking in ~ my face as ns shave,” he said.

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