Where to uncover the desert, snowy, and also grassland gyeongju tracks in Fortnite for the Season 9 week 5 challenge


In the latest most challenges, among the an ext curious ones is to finish a lap of a desert, snowy, and grassland race track. The Fortnite desert, snowy, and grassland race tracks space scattered across the map and also while perfect a lap isn"t as well difficult, you must actually understand where to discover the race tracks first. We"ve covered every one of the Fortnite fight Pass challenges so much in Fortnite Season 9, however if you need help specifically perfect this one and finding the Fortnite desert, snowy, and grassland race tracks then review on, and take a look in ~ the finish map at the bottom the the guide.

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Fortnite Desert gyeongju Track

The Fortnite desert gyeongju track is the most basic one the end of the three, because it"s the huge race monitor on the east coast. It"s to be a staple component of the Fortnite map from the really beginning, as soon as it was when a dirt track prior to being converted right into a ideal race track. Complete a lap below then head to the south-west.

The Fortnite snowy race track is found near Happy Hamlet, a couple of steps north-west. It runs about the tiny hill, so finish a lap here in either one of the Ballers noted or one more vehicle, climate head north.

Finally the Fortnite grassland race track is best at the top of the map, east of Junk Junction. There"s driftboards below for girlfriend to finish the lap with however either way, it"s no a long course so girlfriend should have the ability to complete the in no time in ~ all. When you overcome the third finish line, the difficulty should be complete! check out the finish map below for all three locations.

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