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Patch Notes:

+Swapped the end the WIP CG"s because that finished version.

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+Added a brand-new quest the starts after acquiring Joyce together a summon.

+Added new CG"s as a reward for the brand-new quest.

+The CG viewer has been altered and also will now show a hint once looking in ~ a locked CG.

+During Felicia"s search where you need to gather ingredients for candy grams you can now talk to the very first floor receptionist come track your progress.

+Michelle summon included as reward for completing her "Crab" sidequest.

+Any football player who have completed the "Crab" sidequest will have actually immediate accessibility to the summon.

+Misty ceo fight has actually been solved so that she will certainly take the correct, intended lot of damages from countering her one-of-a-kind attack.

+Some earlier quests centralized to be much less confusing:

+Pills are simpler to spot now.

+Receptionist will certainly remind player that what to uncover during "Candy Gram" quest.

+New questline has actually been added.

+A new summon has been added as reward for completing the brand-new questline.

+Added two brand-new sticker sets.

+Added a button enabling $10+ patrons come toggle topless characters on and off.

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+Added fight backgrounds come the forest, garden, lava gym, beach and pirate rooms.

+Added 7 brand-new reward CG"s because that finishing the brand-new quest. (they have the right to be replayed by hitting distinct in Joyce"s prize window.)


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