*Cuba Gooding Sr., the legendary lead vocalist of the Grammy nominated R&B team “The Key Ingredient,” was memorialized in grand also fashion newly at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem. Family, friends and also fans from throughout the USA and Barbados, attended a two-hour organization, wright here they passist tribute to Gooding’s life, music, and legacy. Gooding, that was born and increased in Harlem, passed away April 20, 2017 in Southern California. He was 72.

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Immediate family members members that attended the memorial were Gooding’s longtime wife, Shirley Gooding; daughter April Gooding; actor and also boy Omar Gooding; musician and kid Thomas Ware Gooding; and also many type of grandyoungsters and good grandyoungsters. Oscar winning actor and also son, Cuba Gooding Jr., joined family members members at J. Foster Philips Funeral Home in Jamaica, New York, and attended the funeral business and subsequent entombment.

“Our dad is home,” shelp a somber Omar Gooding, star of Bounce TV’s “Family Time,” as he stood via siblings on the Apollo’s stage. “My mommy made sure that this occurred, bereason Harlem is wbelow it began happening for my father and ‘The Main Ingredient.’ So it’s just fitting that he has come residence to Harlem and also the Apollo Theater, one last time.”

In enhancement to other speakers, which had Shirley Gooding, music producer Charles Wallert, and also Gerald Riggs from Church on the Way in California, the memorial organization featured musical tributes by singers and recording artists Darryl Tookes, Angela Clemmons, and also Alyson Williams. Williams offered a routilizing rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer,” a timeless spiroutine hymn that Gooding, Sr. loved singing. Tookes, accompanying himself on a Baby Grand piano, additionally sang a heartfelt variation of Cuba and The Key Ingredient’s “Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely.”

The memorial company was organized by Wallert, that developed songs for Gooding as a solo artist, which contained, “Meant To Be In Love,” “If You Were Mine,” “Never before Give Up,” among others.

“Cuba was a one-of-kind-singer that can supply tremendous songs via his patented, herbal first tenor voice,” said Wallert. “Because of our friendship, tbelow was constantly this trust between us around the music. For those that love Cuba’s voice and also music as a solo artist, I promise there’s a lot more to come.”

Other Gooding contemporaries in music who phelp last respects, however did not percreate, were singer/recording artist Shirley Murdock, and also R&B and also Harlem natives “Guy.” Words of condolence for Gooding were relayed to Wallert by producer Quincy Jones, singer/guitarist George Benboy, and also singer and recording artist Freda Payne. “

“Cuba Gooding was an iconic and stellar perprevious,” sassist Payne, who recorded via Gooding numerous times. “I, as well, was a fan of the impressive team ‘The Key Ingredient,’ featuring the superior vocals of Cuba Gooding. Rest in tranquility, my friend!”


Letters of condolence and also acknowledgement additionally poured in from Congresswomale Maxine Waters, Congressguy Gregory W. Meeks, Harlem Week’s Lloyd Williams and Winston Majette, and also others.

At J. Foster Philips Funeral home, family, friends, and fans gathered to watch Gooding, who was dressed in a white tuxeperform and white wing-collar shirt, through a gold cummerbund that matched his casket. Gooding was inevitably entombed at Trinity Cemetery & Mausoleum in Manhattan. However before, before his entombment, the funeral procession weaved gradually via the roadways of Harlem, pamaking use of in front of the late singer’s childhood house and also Apollo. Along the route through Harlem, many Harlemites waived farewell amid chants of Cuba.

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The farewell procession via Harlem was poetic, as Harlem’s own Gooding, Luther Simmons, and also Tony Silvester (The Key Ingredient) elevated to civilization prestige with such hit songs as “Everybody Plays The Fool,” “Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely,” “Rolling Dvery own a Mountainside,” “Happiness is Just Around the Bfinish,” “You’ve Got To Take It (If You Want It).” Other “Main Ingredient” chart-toppers were “You’ve Been My Inspiration,” “Spinning Around (I Must Be Falling in Love), “I’m So Proud” among many kind of others.

“Everypoint for Cuba, from the memorial business to the funeral arrangements to the procession with Harlem to his entombment at the mausoleum was beautiful,” said Shirley Gooding. “And the outputting of love for this man, his life, and also music was really remarkable. Although his fatality is sad in many type of ways, I understand my husband also is in heaven through the Lord. So I’m pleased that God’s will has actually been done, and also I understand that all things work together for great, for those that love the Lord.”