“Damn that Feels great To be A Gangsta” is a tune by top Houston rap group Geto Boys. The track was among two unreleased tracks that appeared on the 1992 compilation Uncut… check out More 

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Damn, the feels an excellent to be a gangstaA actual gangsta-ass nigga plays his cards rightA actual gangsta-ass nigga never ever runs his fucking mouth'Cause real gangsta-ass niggas don't begin fightsAnd niggas always gotta high capShowing every his boys how he shot 'emBut real gangsta-ass niggas don't flex nuts'Cause real gangsta-ass niggas recognize they acquired 'emNow, every little thing is cool in the mind of a gangsta'Cause gangsta-ass niggas think deepUp three-sixty-five, ayo, 24/7'Cause genuine gangsta-ass niggas don't sleepAnd all i gotta say come you, wannabe, gonnabeCocksucking, pussy-eating prankstersIs as soon as the fire dies down, what the fuck friend gonna do?Damn, that feels good to it is in a gangstaDamn, it feels an excellent to be a gangstaFeeding the poor and helping out v their billsAlthough ns was born in JamaicaNow, I'm in the U.S. Make dealsDamn, that feels great to be a gangstaI mean, one that you don't really knowRiding approximately town in a drop-top BenzHitting switches in my black color '64Now, gangsta-ass niggas come in every shapes and colorsSome obtained killed in the pastBut this gangsta here was a smart oneStarted living because that the Lord and also I'll lastNow, all ns gotta say to youWannabe, gonnabe, pussy-eating, cocksucking pranksters:When the shit jumps off, what the fuck friend gonna do?Damn, the feels great to it is in a gangsta

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Damn, that feels good to it is in a gangstaA actual gangsta-ass nigga to know the playThe genuine gangsta-ass niggas gain the flyest of the bitchesAsk the gangsta-ass nigga Lil JNow, bitches look at gangsta-ass niggas prefer a stop signAnd play the role of little Miss SweetBut capture the bitch all alone, gain the digits, take she outAnd finish up hitting the ass with the meat'Cause gangsta-ass niggas it is in the game-playersAnd everything's quiet in the cliqueA gangsta-ass nigga pulls the triggerAnd his partners in the posse ain't telling off shitReal gangsta-ass niggas don't talk muchAll girlfriend hear is the black color from the gun blastAnd real gangsta-ass niggas don't operation for shitCuz genuine gangsta-ass niggas can't run fastNow as soon as you in the complimentary world talkin' shit carry out the shitHit the pen and let a mothafucka shank yaBut niggas choose myself kick ago and peep gameCuz cursed it feels great to it is in a gangsta("And now, a word native the President.")Damn it feels great to it is in a gangstaGetting voted in come the White HouseEverything looking great to the civilization of the worldBut the Mafia household is mine bossSo every now and then ns owe a favor obtaining downLike letting a huge drug distribution throughAnd send 'em come the bad communitySo we have the right to bust you know whoSo voters of the civilization keep sustaining meAnd i promise to take it you really farOther leaders far better not uncomfortable meOr I'll send a million troops to die at warTo all you Republicans, that aided me winI sincerely choose to say thanks to you’Cause currently I obtained the human being swinging from mine nutsAnd damn it feels great to be a gangsta