Unbeaten 147-pound champion Danny Garcia scored one knockdown ~ above his way to obtaining a seventh-round stoppage the Samuel Vargas in a non-title bout.

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–Despite a 10-month ring hiatus, Danny Garcia looked sharp and also relaxed in the an initial round, landing number of pinpoint left hooks and right hand on Samuel Vargas.

–Garcia landing a roundhouse best that brought about Vargas to carry out a behind somersault on the canvas because that a knockdown in the closing seconds of ring 2.

–Garcia trapped Vargas top top the ropes late in the seventh and began wailing away until referee Gary Rosato stepped in and ended the bout just as Vargas’ edge was around to litter in the towel.

Most boxing observers figured the Danny Garcia—fighting in front of his hometown fans because that the very first time in six years—would take apart Samuel Vargas. Garcia made sure not to disappoint.


Danny Garcia blasts Samuel Vargas through a left hook en route to acquiring a seventh-round technical knockout. (Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions)

Dominating indigenous the outset, Garciafloored Vargaswith a vicious overhand right hand in the 2nd round and also cruised come a seventh-round TKOin a non-title bout.

Garcia was returning come the ring because that the an initial time in almost 10 months, and he confirmed virtually no rust versus the overmatched Vargas.

The 147-pound champion peppered his Colombia-born, Toronto-based enemy with several clean shots in a one-sided opening round before landing a sweeping appropriate hand that sent Vargas crumbling to the canvas late in ring 2.

As the fell, Vargas literally go heels end head and took a complete nine seconds prior to rising come his feet. The would’ve been way to continue to be on his bended knee, as the ensuing five rounds stood for little more than a showcase that Garcia’s substantial skills.

Garcia was barely touched as he choose Vargas apart and landed at will over the following five rounds. Finally, late in ring 7, Garcia provided his hometown pan the end up they concerned see.

Backing a bloodied Vargas into the ropes, Garcia unleashed a brutal collection of punches that required referee Gary Rosato to step in and stop the fight in ~ the 2:17 mark. Rosato’s decision came just as Vargas’ corner climbed on the apron to litter in the towel.

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With his lopsided victory, Garcia collection up his march 4 showdown versus fellow 147-pound champion Keith Thurman, who watched the bout ringside. Afterward, the two titleholders jawed v one one more outside that the ring, then engaged in a heated, nose-to-nose confrontation within the squared circle.