Dark Heresy 2nd Edition is a roleplaying game of danger, mystery, and brutal violence collection in the decaying far future the Warhammer 40,000. Players take on the functions of Acolytes offer at the former lines of a an excellent and secret war to root out dangers that imperil every one of humanity.As the defenders of humanity, Acolytes embark ~ above hazardous adventures into the dark heart of the Askellon Sector, in the grim, far future of the 41st millennium. Lock take your lead from one of the Imperium’s Inquisitors – supremely-powerful agents committed to keeping Mankind at any kind of cost.

Inquisitors take trip to the far reaches of the galaxy-spanning Imperium of male to detect and destroy the manifold hazards to mankind, and they are relentless in the pursuit of this threats. While lock wield incredible power, Inquisitors space still yet men; they can not be everywhere, and so they depend upon your Acolytes to augment your efforts. To be an Acolyte is come possess more power than most men dream of. Still, this power need to be wielded wisely, because that its misuse have the right to prove even more damaging than not using it at all. To be an Acolyte come fail in his duties, entire worlds, systems, or even entire sectors may fall to countless night.

Desperate times contact for desperate measures, and also these space the darkest time that mankind has ever known. The Imperium is beset by enemies, native within and also without and also beyond. Humanity is yet a heartbeat indigenous extinction, and it one Acolyte’s project to for sure mankind survives an additional day…

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