The White Soapstone allows you to get involved in co-op in Dark Souls. Here"s exactly how to find and use it.

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Dark Souls Soldier Pate Sign
whether it’s in jolly collaboration or ganging increase on a lone player with members of a covenant, multiplayer is an essential part that the Dark Souls experience. This is no various in Dark Souls II, wherein players advantage from multiplayer summoning and also invading and might have some fun, or rage, follow me the way.

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While fans of the first Dark Souls know just how to summon, those entering the series with Dark Souls II will have an obstacle figuring it out. Even veterans that the collection might not know where to look for the items that permits you to participate in co-op. The White sign Soapstone can be forced right after players leave the very first area, things Betwixt.

Head to The woodland Of collapse Giants

Dark Souls Soldier Majula
native the bonfire in Majula, monitor the path along the cliff to start heading toward the forest of fallen Giants. Players must keep left till they come throughout a lever and door and also pull the lever to open up the door.

when the door is open, football player are complimentary to check out the area. The woodland of collapse Giants" entrance is in front of a corpse that has actually a Homeward Bone and also a soul of a shed Undead.

Dark Souls gigantic Forest
monitor the course upstream. Several hollow soldiers and arches will interact the player, yet it is easy to run previous them. After climbing a ladder and also walking through a fog gate, gamers must stick left till they encounter 2 flights of stairs.

There are a ladder and also two soldiers in ~ the top of the stairs, which football player can also ignore. Ascend the ladder and open the door ~ above the best to acquire to the Cardinal Tower bonfire.

Dark Souls Tree Forest
In the bonfire room, there is a ladder down to a dark, dungeon-like area. Players should descend the ladder and hug the left wall until they get in a room v a fog gate. A couple of hollow soldiers will be waiting for them.

Walk through the fog gate and proceed increase the big tree branch whereby there will certainly be two more hollow soldiers, one archer, and an Ironclad soldier on a bridge. Proceed previous them or fight them. The wall surface surrounded through barrels in ~ the finish of the bridge can be damaged with a Firebomb to buy from seller Hag Melentia in the bonfire room. Throw the Firebomb at it, and the wall will collapse, developing a shortcut back to the Cardinal Tower bonfire.

Pate Soldier Dark Souls
Coming the end of the newly developed shortcut, rotate left to discover two more Hollow soldiers. One more soldier up peak will be throwing Firebombs in ~ the player. Run past the soldiers to a ladder that leads down to a short staircase.

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Mild-mannered Pate will be waiting in the distance. Run previous the ballista in the feet in the wall on the right. Pate will be sitting in former of one entranceway.

Exhause Pate"s dialogue and also walk with the gate. The door will automatically close, trapping the player within the area. Numerous hollow soldiers will be in there, so players must make sure they are at complete health and have sufficient Lifegems and also Estus Flask offers before entering.

~ clearing the area of enemies, return to Pate to collection the White authorize Soapstone. Over there is a shortcut above the gate entrance, yet players need to have sufficient health to endure the fall prior to dropping down.

After return to Pate, exhaust his dialogue again to obtain the White sign Soapstone. Currently with the article in your inventory, gamers can start the Dark Souls multiplayer experience.

Players can use the White authorize Soapstone to get in other player"s games and assist lock in boss fights or invader fights. However, making use of the item deserve to be confusing because that first-timers. There are a couple of measures Bearers the the Curse need to take before summoning begins.

prior to players collection their sign down, they need to make sure they are human. The best way to call if they are person or not is to see if their character"s skin isn"t environment-friendly or their health and wellness is at full capacity. If not, this way they are going hollow.

To reverse hollowing, equip the human Effigy and also use it. "Humanity Restored" will appear on the screen. When players room human, they will see various other player"s phantoms and summoning signs.

when the Soapstone is equipped, players can leave their authorize on the floor. This enables other gamers to walk as much as the sign and summon football player for boss fights.

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it is ideal to leaving a authorize in former of a an overwhelming boss"s fog gate, favor the optional Darklurker ceo or DLC bosses choose Fume article or sir Alonne. Alternatively, players have the right to leave indications in a heavily populated area where intrusions are an ext likely to happen as it"ll do summoning during a heated battle easier.

prior to entering an additional player"s world, a prompt speak "Being summoned to an additional world together a phantom..." will appear on the screen. ~ a quick loading screen, players will go into another"s video game as a white phantom or a fancy phantom, depending upon which agreement the player is in.

after greeting the player, get in the ceo room and defeat it. If players carry out not feeling confident in their skills to take down the ceo or if the summoner is wasting time, they have the right to use the black Separation crystal to return to their world.

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once the ceo is defeated, a "Duty Fulfilled" notice will show up on the screen, then an additional saying, "Task completed. Return to your world..."

Summonees will get a reduced number of souls once the boss is dead and a Token that Fidelity if they room not in a covenant. If players space in one, they will receive various items depending on which agreement they joined.

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