Local baseball pan Alan Schuster caught Boston Red Sox David Ortiz"s 500th house run ball during a video game at Tropicana stadium in Tampa Florida earlier in September the 2015.

because 2009, Alan Schuster has actually run a website dubbed www.mygameballs.com where baseball pan from across the nation can report your baseball collections. More than 72,000 baseballs have actually been reported on the site, and the biggest record may have been do by Schuster himself.

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Schuster caught David Ortiz"s 500th house run ball and also swapped it through the Red Sox for tickets to Tuesday"s MLB All-Star video game in mountain Diego.

"That"s constantly been a kind of a dream the mine, to go to one All-Star game and also the house Run Derby," Schuster said. "I watch those every year, so this to be a perfect opportunity to negotiate my method into part tickets because that that. Absolutely looking forward to it."

Schuster, who stays in Yorktown, remained in Tampa top top Sept. 12, 2015, to watch the Boston Red Sox beat the Tampa just Rays. He and a team of friends have planned baseball road-trips every year for the past decade.

"And it simply so happened this year that we made decision to go to Miami and Tampa," Schuster said. "This trip had actually nothing to perform with the Red Sox or David Ortiz. Ns don"t think any type of of united state really even realized that he was that close to obtaining 500 home runs."

Going right into the game, Ortiz had actually 498 house runs. During Ortiz"s very first at-bat light ray pitcher Matt Moore left a belt-high fastball end the love of the plate, which Ortiz launched right into the ideal field-stands for a three run residence run. Every one of a suddenly he was simply one home run far from No. 500 with two or 3 potential at-bats left in the game.

with an attendance that 20,698, Tropicana field was much more than half-empty, which allowed Schuster to spend time at 3 spots in the ballpark.

"The tickets we acquired were in the upper level in left field," Schuster said. "And after us sat over there for not too long my buddies had the idea the "hey why don"t we simply see if we can gain away with sitting behind the dugout." So us went under there and sat behind the Red Sox dugout."

Schuster watched Ortiz hit No. 499 through the dugout and looked for a an ext strategic place in instance No. 500 ended up in the stands. He worked out on a stand room ar in right-center field.

"I decided to stand appropriate at the height of a staircase in right-center field and the reason being the if the hit one come right-center and also it landing in the seats, I might go under the staircase and also if that hit one to straightaway right and also really got a host of it and also hit it over the seats, I could possibly operation that method and try to acquire near it," Schuster said.

"I guess in mine head i was make the efforts to catch his 500th house run, however really ns didn"t think it would certainly actually happen," Schuster continued. "I just thought it to be cool to be a part of the moment, you understand be in the area, possibly gain my confront on TV as soon as the sphere came down."


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Schuster"s moment came in the optimal of the fifth inning. Ortiz, in his 3rd at-bat, acquired ahold that an inside breaking-ball indigenous Moore and also blasted it right into the seats in right-center field.

"It to be just completely surreal because like I stated I really didn"t anticipate being the one come actually obtain the ball and everything occurred so fast," Schuster said. "He hit the ball, ns ran under the staircase, the round hit the earlier of a chair rattled around and just by luck finished up right close to my seat and also I got to down and also grabbed it and tucked the in mine baseball glove."

"I was shaking hands through David Ortiz literally less than 10 minutes after the hit the ball," Schuster said.

Ortiz obtained a kick out of Schuster, who was attract a Baltimore Orioles jersey. The pair chatted for quite a while.

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"I got to spend probably 45 minute in the clubhouse with him and a couple of of his teammates and also the Red Sox were also willing to gain my friends ago into the clubhouse too to cave out. That was yes, really cool," Schuster said.



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