Knox is a thoughtful, romantic student at Welton. Over the course of the novel, he drops in love with Chris Noel, the girlfriend of a family members friend’s son. Knox’s first attempts to woo Chris are disrespectful at ideal and assaultive at worst; he also gropes Chris at a party. Later on, Knox tries to usage the poetry and eloquence he’s learned develop John Keating to woo Chris, and also his initiatives mainly pay off. As the novel ends, Knox and also Chris seem to be dating and incredibly much in love.

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The timeline below reflects wright here the character Knox Overstreet appears in Dead Poets Society. The colored dots and also icons show which themes are associated through that appearance.

...of graduating students went on to the Ivy Organization. Two students, 16-year-olds Charlie Dalton and Knox Overstreet, smile at this information—they both exemplify the classical, “preppy” Ivy Organization image.(full context)

...banner, to specify honor—honor, Hopkins replies, is “dignity and fulfillment of duty.” Nolan calls on Knox Overstreet, transporting the “discipline” banner, ands Knox describes that discipline is “respect for parental fees, teachers,...(full context)
It is time for the students’ parents to say goodbye to them. Charlie Dalton and also Knox Overstreet’s parental fees hug their children affectionately, while Neil Perry’s father just stands stiffly by his...(full context)
Knox, Charlie, and Meeks greet Neil and also Todd and ask Neil around taking chemisattempt at summer...(full context)
...the day is gym. In gym, the gym master orders everyone to jog, and compliments Knox for his fantastic pace. Many of the other students sweat and also gasp with the class.(complete context)
At the end of the day, Knox mentions that he’s having dinner through the Danburrys, a household his father knows well—and also, as...(full context)
Later that evening, Knox gets a ride from Dr. Hager to the Danburry home. Knox rings the bell, and also...(complete context)
While Chet bickers with his father about taking the automobile that night, Knox asks Chris wbelow she goes to school. She goes to Ridgemeans, wbelow Chet is on...(complete context)
Later that night, Knox retransforms to his dorm and automatically announces, “I just met the most beautiful girl I...(complete context)
...traditional Welton meeting area. Cameron is reluctant to sign up with, yet inevitably he, in addition to Pitts, Knox, Meeks, Charlie, agree to go tbelow.(complete context)
To start, Knox tells the boys that he wants success in wooing Chris. To help Knox, Charlie reads...(complete context) a half-day. Pitts and also Meeks go to work-related on their key project—structure a radio. Knox, meanwhile, bikes over to Ridgemeans High School. When he arrives at institution, he’s surprised to...(full context)
At the Dead Poets Society meeting that afternoon, Charlie, Knox, Meeks, Cameron, Todd, and also Pitts go to the cave and also check out from Henry David Thoreau’s...(full context)
In his following class, Mr. Keating invites the students to existing their poems. Knox reads a romantic poem around Chris, but is unable to finish it—he’s also embarrassed. Keating...(full context)
...calls, “Poetrusic.” He plays very well—his parental fees made him take clarinet lessons, he explains. Suddenly, Knox bursts out, “If I don’t have actually Chris, I’ll kill myself!” He walks briskly out of...(complete context)
Knox hangs up the phone triumphantly and tells his friends that he’s going to Chris and...(full context)
That night, the Dead Poets accomplish in the cave (though Knox is going to Chris’s party). Charlie has actually carried 2 girls, Tina and also Gloria, and carries...(complete context)
Meanwhile, Knox bikes to the Danburry house, and finds a wild party in development. Chris greets him...(complete context)
Back at the party, Knox walks roughly, dejected. Knox sees Virginia Danburry and also they smile at each other, embarrassed. A...(full context)
Back at the party, Knox, currently drunk, thinks jealously of Chris and Chet. He clumsily staggers over a pair making...(full context)
Picking up right wright here the last chapter finished, Knox is still at the party. He continues walking around the house, drinking bourbon. Now extremely...(full context)
Knox notices Chris’s breasts, and, remembering Keating’s command also to “seize the day,” shyly touches them. Since...(complete context) day at Welton, the students gather in the institution chapel for an emergency meeting. Knox has a substantial bruise on his confront, and also the other Dead Poets are exhausted and also...(full context)
...of beautiful womales onto the wall. The boys can’t concentrate on their blue books. As Knox proceeds through his pop quiz, he simply writes, “Chris” aobtain and also aacquire.(full context)
Later in the day, Dr. Hager notices Meeks, Knox, and Todd eating their food oddly—on closer inspection, he sees that the boys are eating...(complete context)
At the same time, the various other Dead Poets are at the old cave. Knox sits composing a love poem for Chris, while Todd writes a poem of his own....(full context)
The next day, Knox bikes to Chris’s high college. He finds Chris walking to course, and explains that he’s...(complete context)
Knox returns to Welton. Mr. Keating’s course has just ended. Keating calls Neil aside and asks...(complete context)
Knox rejoins his classmates and also tells them around reading his poem. He admits he has actually no...(full context)
...for Henley Hall. As the students sign up with Mr. Keating, who’s attending the play also, Knox notices Chris walking via the dorm. Knox is appalled that Chris has actually come all the...(complete context)
The play is start, through Keating, Chris, Knox, and also the various other Dead Poets in attendance. Neil automatically gets the audience’s attention as Puck—he’s...(complete context)
Back at Welton, Keating and his Dead Poets run via the forest, chanting joyously. Knox and also Chris kiss.(full context)
...and also vomits. Todd shouts that Mr. Perry eliminated Neil—Neil would certainly never before give up on life. Knox is skeptical, but Todd insists he’s right—even if Mr. Perry didn’t pull the trigger, he...(complete context)
...he simply told the reality. Charlie is so furious that he tries to hit Cameron. Knox warns Charlie that if he hits Cameron, he’ll be expelled, to which Charlie replies, “I’m...

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(full context)
...Nolan shouts for Todd to action dvery own, most of the various other Dead Poets, consisting of Meeks, Knox, and Pitts (but not Cameron), stand on their own desks.(complete context)
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