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Depreciation, Depletion, and Amortization - Definition

Depreciation, depletion, and also amortization (DD&A) describe an accounting method that a agency uses to match the cast of one asset to the revenue produced by the asset over its economic useful life. When DD&A is used, it allows a company to spread out the costs of getting a addressed asset end its useful years. If depreciation is applicable to tangible assets, otherwise dubbed long-term assets, amortization is applicable come intangible assets. Depletion, on the other hand, is offered for herbal resources such as oil and gas and other herbal extracts, this enables the expenses incurred while exploring and extracting the organic resources to it is in allocated or spread over the fatigue or intake of the natural resource.

A Little much more on What is Depreciation, Depletion, and Amortization DD&A

In a basic language, Depreciation, depletion, and also amortization (DD&A) is one accounting technique of allocating the expense incurred when purchasing or trying out an asset or natural resource to the actual economic use or useful life. DD&A is often linked with non-cash prices that deserve to be attributed come assets and also natural resources. While companies, whether manufacturing and accounting use depreciation and amortization because that its assets, depletion is provided by power firms and also companies that deal with natural resources. DD&A is a form of accrual bookkeeping that matches funding costs and also expenses v the revenue or useful life of one asset. It is crucial metric that measures how rewarding an legacy or natural resource is over a duration of time.

Depreciation and also Amortization

A firm regardless the its size requirements a mix of assets and also capital for effective operation. There space two species of assets, tangible and also intangible assets, otherwise called, permanent assets and current assets. Current assets are assets with valuable life of much less than a year or one year when assets that have helpful lives more than one year are called tangible assets. Because that assets, whether permanent or current, a percent of their cost is deducted over their helpful lives. When depreciation is used for tangible (long-term) assets, amortization is offered for current assets. Instances of tangible assets room machinery and also equipment, business facilities such as warehouses, laboratories, buildings, and other landed properties. (Land is but not a tangible asset). Patents, trademarks, and licenses are instances of intangible assets.


The exploit of herbal resources from the planet requires a lot of processes and expenses. For instance, prior to miners have the right to extract oil and gas indigenous the earth, diverse expenses are associated. Depletion, as used in DD&A, is a an approach applicable for natural resources and also extracts, this method helps to enhance the price of extracting or mining a natural resource with the revenue created by the source through usage or depletion. Mining industries, oil and gas firms, and other natural-resources carriers use depletion which is regularly calculated ~ above a percentage basis.


Depreciation, Depletion, and also Amortization (DD&A) is an accumulation accounting an approach that is provided in countless companies, especially in the oil and gas sector or by power companies. This an approach matches the prices of acquiring assets or extracting herbal resources against their beneficial life and how much revenue they generate.

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