We had serious doubts the if we asked Caserio and also Culley to name the optimal two or three or 10 principles on "who will certainly QB the Texans in 2021,"" that large Ben"s name would float come the top. And now we recognize for sure

We do the efforts to it is in respectful regarding every naipublishers.comngle rumor around Deshaun Watson, consisting of the one that went miscellaneous like, "Dump the in favor of Ben Roethlisberger''?

But that wasn't easy. And also now it's gone.

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This weird "what-if'' came courtesy that what we will label "the abundant mind'' of Mike Florio in ~ ProFootballTalk.com. Wrote Florio: "The Steelers, completely aware the they may not have actually enough approximately quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to justification bringing him back for one more year, suddenly seem to be ambivalent about an recurring relationship. Therefore if (and it’s quiet a fairly large if) the Steelers decide to sever ties with huge Ben, he’ll come to be a totally free agent.

"The concern then becomes even if it is he’d continue his job with one more team.'' Florio then concluded that the "potentially viable options''  included "the Texans if they profession Deshaun Watson.''

Forget because that a moment that, while acknowledging the "never-say-never'' NFL civilization in which us live, over there is naipublishers.commply no evidence of a Houston connection with huge Ben. None.



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And now there is proof that it was nonsense every along, through all parties connected in the Steelers and big Ben dance going public v their setup to stick together for 2021.

As we claimed originally, we had actually serious doubts that if we asked Caserio and also Culley to surname the peak two or 3 or 10 concepts on "who will QB the Texans in 2021,'' that big Ben's name would certainly float to the top.

And currently we recognize it was never "floated'' at all, a truth that sends out speculative reporting ago to the illustration board ... And also a truth that keeps the Houston Texans tough at work at the Deshaun illustration board - right where lock belong.

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