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When the tune “A new Beginning” comes blasting v your speakers mere moments into evil one YOU KNOW’s to chat debut, “The beauty beauty Of Destruction”, that clear: this isn’t just another good metal anthem. That a battlecry; a statement of purpose; a scream because that survival. From begin to finish, this is a document that burns v emotion and intensity.The type of record that pushes the competition to the ground. Very couple of debut records supply this much.No surprised that the voice at the churning vortex of unforgettable riffs and epic melodies is none various other than formerKILLSWITCH communicate front man, Howard Jones. Having actually voiced the Grammy-nominated Massachusetts tape though nearlya decade of touring and also two gold records, Jones is in ~ the height of his video game here. Brought together with Italian-born guitaristFranscesco Artusato of all SHALL PERISH and also drummer man Sankey the Aussie metallurgists DEVOLVED, who is additionally a longtimecollaborator with metal heavyweights, are afraid FACTORY, devil YOU recognize isn’t simply an intersection the individualtalents. It’s an expansive alloy the sound you’re no going come forget anytime soon.Produced by Logan Mader with Zeuss (HATEBREED/SUICIDE SILENCE) taking care of mixing duties, “The beauty beauty Of Destruction”is truly a new beginning for all 3 veteran musicians. “The title isn’t really about destroying anything,” Jones admits. “It’sabout what you have to tear down and kill in yourself before you can truly it is in alive. We all have actually our very own demons. At one pointin her life, you have to challenge them.” that no surprise that tracks prefer the soaring “For The Dead and also Broken” or “EmbracingThe Torture” sound much more than slightly confessional. “There is a irradiate at the end of a an extremely dark tunnel,” the admits. “That’swhere songs favor ‘Crawl from The Dark’ come from. They weren’t the simplest songs to create or sing yet they’re as ethical anddirect as anything I’ve ever written.”With the studio behind them, devil YOU understand will currently be hitting the road. Joining the three founding members ~ above the roadare guitarist Roy Lev-Ari and bassist Ryan Wombacher, who likewise handles low-end and co-vocalizing duties through Californiametal-core crew, BLEEDING THROUGH. Capture the band on the roadway all this year!

Track list
1. A brand-new Beginning
2. My Own
3. Embracing The Torture
4. For The Dead and Broken
5. 7 Years Alone
6. It’s Over
7. A mental Insane
8. Crawl indigenous The Dark
9. The Killer
10. Ns Am The Nothing

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Shut it Down
12. As Bright as The Darkness
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