What is the Durr burger number? wherein is the big telephone in deadly Fields? Here’s just how to finish this main 8 challenge

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As you can see ~ above the phone, the Durr burgess number is 555 0152. Fairly than shooting every of those numbers in the correct order, you have to smash each one v your pickaxe – just as you would the favor button. When you’ve excellent it the phone will ring, and this part of this two-stage challenge will be complete. Then, as soon as it pertains to the second, and last, part, discover out exactly how to intake the Fortnite pizza pit number top top the phone near The Block for the preferably rewards.

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And that’s a wrap! That’s where the Fatal fields telephone is, and what the Durr burgess number you should dial right into it is. When you’re all done v this main 8 quest, you’re walking to need to make certain you’re recorded up with the remainder of her challenges prior to the season ends. That way making sure you’ve discovered the Fortnite paradise Palms sweetheart map signpost and done a search the X to uncover where the map leads.Anyway, if you find yourself answering a phone call for me in Fortnite, please tell them ns haven’t remained in an accident the wasn’t my fault, because that the love that god.

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Published: Apr 24, 2019

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