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text & knowledge Search DTForumSort (Forum) by:relevancedateDT Lyrics:ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ#All Subject: "Didn"t leave Nobody but The Baby"From: WhitedogDate: 24 Feb 02 - 04:27 afternoon will someone please describe the finishing to this song? my friend and also I both have actually the "O brothers Whrere arts Thou?" CD and also she claims she can"t was standing to hear the "Baby" song as she thinks the baby is killed (at end of song). Guess we take points to literally sometime, but please market your opinions. And they don"t have to be humble! Judy

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write-up - optimal - house - press Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: "Didn"t leaving Nobody but The Baby"From: pattyClinkDate: 26 Feb 02 - 09:46 AM ns don"t know with any type of authority what this tune is trying come say, yet I will give you an alternative interpretation that might make your loved one rest easier. I am picturing a young girl of the residence in charge of minding the babies, keeping them in the shade beside the ar where the rest of the household is working, in vision of mother yet out of the sun. "everybody"s unable to do in the cotton and the corn" method everybody is choose or hoeing cotton. If it"s yes, really hot, which ns guarantee you it is if they are hoeing cotton, maybe she lays the infant or toddler"s pallet on peak of one old tomb slab in the small family cemetery, which numerous an old farm has actually right alongside the fields. "come lay your bones ~ above the alabaster stones". Over there now, isn"t the better? article - peak - home - press Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: "Didn"t leave Nobody yet The Baby"From: WhitedogDate: 26 Feb 02 - 12:31 pm Patty, together some currently know top top this site, I openly admit to gift (now turned) 53 and also to cultivation up top top a farm in West Tennessee, so recognize all around cotton and corn patches. I likewise know around family cemeteries or part stones frequently hidden in woods and long forgotten. Ns guess mine friend and also I both want to make something that should be "simple" and also taken at challenge value..complicated. I printed out all the words, so with lines favor "Your momma"s unable to do away and your daddy"s unable to do to stay" and "She"s lone gone with the red pair of shoes on Gonna meet an additional lovin baby" and also "You and me and the devil makes 3 Don"t require no various other lovin baby" simply makes it hard to think that momma and also daddy are just out hoeing/pulling cottom or corn and is letting the infant sleep in the cool..with a friend till they return. Five well, as I said..we similar to to do it complicated!! I additionally found top top the Wisconsin publicly Radio (archives) show that they play "Didn"t leave Nobody yet the Baby" by Mrs. Sidney Carter (1959 Senatobia, MS) southern Journey: 61 Highway MississippiRounder 1703. I tried to walk to Rounder page and just obtained the "error" message also when ns refreshed the page. Would choose to hear the original, and additionally to know more about Mrs. Sidney Carter. Go she create the song or was it one of the old individual songs that she heard as a child. (Like the song on the Childballad site) Well, anyway, thanks for your response!! possibly some rather will include their knowledge. Also, ns would add that I have actually to give thanks to so lot anyway, together they did a wonderful task in help me discover songs that my Uncle sang and also I to be trying to uncover sources. Mine Uncle (Franklin) died this jan 14th, but due to the fact that of all the wonderful feedback indigenous the forum, we currently have plenty of many the his songs and the words because that them that ns wouldn"t have been may be to find on mine own. THANKS! judy post - top - home - printer Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: "Didn"t leave Nobody yet The Baby"From: pattyClinkDate: 26 Feb 02 - 01:59 pm Sorry for the simpleminded response, ns didn"t average to patronize your farm yard knowledge. Ns hope someone have the right to provide an ext info. Come me the various other three verses just sound prefer easy-rhyming verses someone would comprise "cause castle sound good, yet maybe ns am hear in also shallow a way. I"ll sign off, in really hopes the human being with The Answer comes forward! write-up - height - house - press Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: "Didn"t leave Nobody but The Baby"From: masato sakuraiDate: 26 Feb 02 - 06:39 PM miscellaneous Artists, southerly Journey V. 3: 61 Highway Mississippi -- Delta country Blues, Spirituals, work-related Songs & run Music, with sound clips. ~Masato post - top - home - printer Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: "Didn"t leave Nobody however The Baby"From: SorchaDate: 26 Feb 02 - 07:10 pm I would venture an additional opinion.......which could be, and probably is, wrong. It"s not about two legged human babies at all (except the "getting" the them") It"s about carnal relations (SEX!) together are most blues they are boffing on the tombstone....... Post - height - home - printer Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: "Didn"t leave Nobody however The Baby"From: Coyote BreathDate: 26 Feb 02 - 08:15 afternoon yup! (Sorcha) I think you room right. Wasn"t there something to that result in the liner notes? maybe I dreamed it. Now I kinda check out the alabaster stones together an altar, which provides the tune a truly creepy aspect. Particularly after the referral to you, me, and the devil making three, a kind of AntiTrinity?! given the setting it is sung in (a sports of the scene v salvation as it"s theme?) and also the link to the sirens in Homer"s epic... Didn"t leaving nobody yet the baby. Every the sinners devoured (only the bones space left) and only the chaste survives. CB article - peak - residence - press Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: "Didn"t leaving Nobody yet The Baby"From: Rolfyboy6Date: 27 Feb 02 - 01:27 AM like any an excellent down house bluesy tune it"s all of the over simultaneously in a rich psychic stew. Post - peak - residence - press Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: "Didn"t leaving Nobody however The Baby"From: WhitedogDate: 27 Feb 02 - 08:52 to be i think this is like any song, the the to sing of it is fully open come interpretation, not just by the singer, yet by the listener. As soon as a folklorist came around in the early 80"s come tape few of "Grannie"s" songs, he would certainly ask Granny after each song, "What walk that median to you?" "What to be the girl thinking about when she hung it s her after finding out her lover had actually betrayed her?" "What type of mrs would assist drown her sister in the miller"s pond?" Well, granny responded that she had actually never thought around any the this, the she simply sang the songs. Her mother had sang them to her and that was simply the way it was. When he prodded more, granny simply said the the girl to be foolish to cave herself every for the love of that "butcher" boy. The Blues song have dual meanings IF not simply outright sex-related comments. Need a new coffee grinder? You"ve been a an excellent old wagon, but the wagon done broke down...are the soft ones. Ns think it would certainly take a really nieve human being to sing these songs and also NOT understand of the genuine meanings. OK, my point is simple. Granny would have sang the "Baby" tune with finish innocence and never given any dark interpretations a thought. Others, with an ext sophistication, would sing it through all kinds of implications. So, why not simply enjoy the song on whatever level friend like? and Patty, girlfriend didn"t patronize me in ~ all. Sometimes, I"m simply not an excellent at speak things. Ns was actually agreeing with you, and also the telling of my background was simply to display that ns really did understand what you were saying. Ns think I will be prefer granny...and simply enjoy. Life is complex enough already! many thanks to all! and I am going to order the RECORD. Thanks for the info. Masato. Judy write-up - optimal - home - printer Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: "Didn"t leaving Nobody but The Baby"From: Margaret VDate: 27 Feb 02 - 10:05 pm Gillian Welch added some text to the ar recording. Ns don"t know which space hers and also which space original, yet for me there"s a disjunction between the very first three verses ("lullaby" baby) and the last 3 verses ("sexual" baby). Hope someone the end there in land has the Lomax recording and can enlighten us. Margaret write-up - optimal - home - press Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: "Didn"t leave Nobody but The Baby"From: WhitedogDate: 28 Feb 02 - 11:24 to be I had thought the same about the "baby". There appears to be a real little "baby" in the first verses, yet the last seems to be an entirely different kind that BABE! ns was simply curious about the very first KNOWN versions/recordings and also author that this song, if that is possible to pen down. Know exactly how each artist bring away liberties through songs and also often the real resource is never known. I"m wonder now, since this CD is ago in spotlight, if there will be some more interest in some of the old songs? ns hope so! judy short article - peak - house - printer Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: "Didn"t leave Nobody yet The Baby"From: GUEST,editor