It"s no understatement to say that JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure is a cultural phenomenon. The is hands down one of the most influential media piece in Japan and also is steadily gathering one audience in the united States and Western nations, i m sorry is why it"s even an ext depressing that DIO passed away indigenous a poor kick. A fucking KICK.

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The conflict between Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando introduced the occasions of the totality of JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure into motion and also would echo far past into the present (You know until the alternating universes took the spotlight v the newest issues and also essentially disregarded all of that next from part fan service). Which renders it even more infuriating that DIO"s actual last defeat to be a only poorly aimed and also timed kick.

In fact, I"m so uncomfortable over exactly how much he was done dirty v his death that I"ve made decision to write a 5 paragraph essay on why his death fucking sucked and why the Stardust Crusaders arc to be so fitting and badass up until that point.

First of all, Dio Brando -stated before- is the sole cause of every the occasions within JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure. Hamon, the fight in Egypt and all that would certainly come afterwards. ~ his "Death" during the delivery explosion, his return in part 3 was a shocker (To people that didnt identify the sample of him just never remaining dead). The entirety of part 3 structure up come DIO"s civilization has him shrouded in this veil of darkness, shadow and also mystery. They understand hes capable of disastrous things, and also they know his stand is capable of unimaginable power. And also the tension building up come finding and also fighting DIO and also figuring out what the hell The world could do.

Time stop when it was revealed to be a video game changer

There was virtually no means to competitor it. It fantastically verified the true level of DIO"s power, and just just how insignificant the Stardust Crusaders were to his power, even with stands.

Some argue that Star Platinum having learned Time Stop due to the same-stand type prospect was negative writing once in reality, this was the only feasible means the Joestars could"ve won. If he could not have actually learned time stop, that would have actually died. We obtain to see this seemingly difficult struggle of virtually God (Ironic considering DIO"s name) against man.

The battle was fantastic until this point. Here"s wherein it beginning to acquire iffy is once DIO drink Joseph"s blood and basically Redbull"s himself. His power considerably amplifies, dramatically improving his time prevent limits, past other things. Soon after this, however, Dio is beat by a negative kick, which Star Platinum punches, bring about him to literally CRACK.

What. The. FUCK.

This God choose being is beat by a poor kick. And also that"s the finish of it. They take his unconscious body into the sunlight to burn therefore he cant regenerate and also thats the finish of DIO. I acquire it that it to be trying to display that, choose in Phantom Blood, DIO"s nature to come to be unhinged result in his doom however COME ON theres much far better ways of law that.

For instance, when his foot is broken, the misjudges it and also begins a Muda vs Ora fight through Jotaro together Sono Chi no Sadame begins to play. Eventually due to the fact that of Jonothans human body fighting with DIO, it leads to Jotaro right winning and Ora-Oraing the FUCK out of DIO.

Or have actually Jotaro acknowledge hes too powerful to loss outright and so he needs to decide come outwit the (while DIO is loosing his cool as usual) and stay alive till the sun rises and DIO doesnt realize till he starts to burn.

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These are simply two concepts of how to offer DIO a proper send off. Yet no, hes defeated by a negative kick that pipeline you walk "Wait. What, that"s it?". It"s therefore anticlimactic for such an influential villian, and also it really fucking sucks.