I"m pretty brand-new to Lanaipublishers.com, totally new actually, and there is one thing I can"t rather understand.

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I obtain the error "Display mathematics should end with $$"when writing an equation favor this:

\beginequation$R_2$=$\fracU_R_2I_2$=$\frac2,95\, \mathrmV$$0,03*10^-3\, \mathrmA$ = 7,10\,\mathrmk\Omega \,.\labeleq:Bsp_OhmsLaw\endequationI make the efforts a many things, I also skimmed these forums. Nothing appeared to help :-(

Thanks in advance!


In addition to removing the $ as cmhughes suggested, the blank lines in the equation environment confuse things. This might be why you added the dollar signs - v the blanks, Lanaipublishers.com otherwise complains about missing $ signs in the code.

Here"s a working version:

\documentclassarticle\begindocument\beginequation R_2=\fracU_R_2I_2=\frac2,95\, \mathrmV0,03*10^-3\, \mathrmA = 7,10\,\mathrmk\Omega \,. \labeleq:Bsp_OhmsLaw\endequation\enddocument



Use the siunitx package for typesetting physics quantities:

\documentclassarticle\usepackageamsmath\usepackage< locale = DE % comma together decimal mark>siunitx\begindocument\beginequation\labeleq:Bsp_OhmsLaw R_2 = \fracU_2I_2 = \frac\SI2.95\volt\SI0.03e-3\ampere = \SI7.10\kilo\ohm.\endequationOhm"s law is supplied in equation~\eqrefeq:Bsp_OhmsLaw.\enddocument


Note the cfr has given the answer to why the initial code isn"t compiling.


You have the right to make the password a bit shorter by usage abbreviations because that the physics units:

\documentclassarticle\usepackageamsmath\usepackage< locale = DE % comma together decimal mark>siunitx\begindocument\beginequation\labeleq:Bsp_OhmsLaw R_2 = \fracU_2I_2 = \frac\SI2.95\V\SI0.03e-3\A = \SI7.10\kohm.\endequationOhm"s legislation is provided in equation~\eqrefeq:Bsp_OhmsLaw.\enddocument(See page 37 the the manual.)

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