„I have a little shadow the goes in and out through me,And what have the right to be the use of him is much more than I have the right to see.He is very, very like me native the heels approximately the head;And I check out him jump before me, once I jump into my bed.“

— Robert louis Stevenson, publication A Child's Garden that Verses

My Shadow, st. 1.A Child's Garden that Verses (1885)

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„Thank God I have actually the see eye, that is come say, as I lied in bed I can walk step by step on the fells and rough land seeing every rock and flower and also patch the bog and also cotton pass where my old legs will never take me again.“

— Beatrix Potter English children's writer and also illustrator 1866 - 1943


„Standing top top the edge of life… supplies a distinct perspective. But there comes a time to check out what that looks favor from the dance floor.“

— Stephen Chbosky, book The perks of being a Wallflower

Source: The perks of gift a Wallflower

„It's funny. World come to mine house since I to be recommended come them to perform some writing. They've never ever heard of me, and you deserve to see the reticence written almost everywhere their faces. Climate they look at the walls and see the platinum and gold albums and they say, "Oh. That one's indigenous Prince! That's native Robert Palmer! oh my God, Paul McCartney!" and also then castle say, "You're a really fine composer"--without having actually heard any of mine music.“

— Clare Fischer American keyboardist, composer, arranger, and bandleader 1928 - 2012

„He took my hand, made me stand on the branch and also asked, "What have the right to you check out from here?""Nothing" i said,"Know what I deserve to see? native this distance every little thing is therefore bloody perfect".“

— Melina Marchetta, book On the Jellicoe Road

Source: top top the Jellicoe Road


„There's miscellaneous sad around people going come bed. You have the right to see castle don't give a cursed whether they're gaining what they want out the life or not, you can see lock don't even shot to know what we're right here for. They simply don't care.“

— Louis-ferdinand Céline, publication Journey come the end of the Night

Source: journey to the end of the Night


„I try to perform what's best for me,But no-one look at the way I see,And then I shot to you re welcome them so,But how far can this satisfaction go?“

— Michael Jackson American singer, songwriter and dancer 1958 - 2009

Destiny (1977)


„My brother ought no to have actually treated me thus.' True: yet he should see come that. Yet he may treat me, I need to deal rightly by him. This is what lies v me, what none deserve to hinder.“

— Epictetus philosopher from old Greece 50 - 138

97Golden Sayings the Epictetus

„What you see, yet have the right to not check out over, is as an excellent as infinite.“

— thomas Carlyle Scottish philosopher, satirical writer, essayist, historian and also teacher 1795 - 1881

Bk. II, ch. 1.1830s, Sartor Resartus (1833–1834)

„True we deserve to not see God, however we can see the genius the God by functions for His hands. We deserve to see through the order of creation that a Creator have to exist; reason, logic and common sense allude to the conclusion. The is the epitome of foolishness come say our human being with the seasons, weather patterns, trees, flowers, birds etc…was the result of part explosion in room of which our planet was a part. How deserve to we say that the person body “just happened” with no clever creator behind it? The motive for saying there is no God is depth than just ignorance.“

— beam Comfort new Zealand-born Christian minister and also evangelist 1949

Cults, Sects and also Questions (c. 1979)

„Oh mine God, deserve to you view me? I assumed I to be wearing mine invisibility cloak.“

— Cate Tiernan American novelist 1961

Source: Darkness Falls

"I know about Russia because I deserve to see that from mine front yard!" You have amazing eyesight, number one… Well, I can see san Quentin from mine house, yet that doesn't make me an professional on prison reform.“

— Robin Williams American actor and stand-up comedian 1951 - 2014

Weapons the Self damage (2010)

„Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane.I can see the red tail lamp heading for Spain.Oh and also I have the right to see Daniel waving goodbye.God that looks prefer Daniel, should be the clouds in mine eyes.“

— Elton john English absent singer-songwriter, composer and also pianist 1947

DanielSong lyrics, Don't shoot Me I'm just the Piano Player (1973)

„Whether it it is in a curse or a blessing, i can’t say. All we deserve to see is a fragment. Who have the right to say what will come next?“

— Max Lucado American clergyman and writer 1955

"The Old Man and also the White Horse"In the Eye of the Storm (1991)Context: all I understand is that the stable is empty, and also the horse is gone. The rest I nothing know. Even if it is it be a curse or a blessing, ns can’t say. Every we deserve to see is a fragment. Who have the right to say what will come next?

„I never ever meant it," he to be saying."Never supposed it to happen. Can't was standing it,seeing her suffer. Have to do something, perform something… What perform I do? What deserve to I do…?“

— Rachel Caine American writer 1962

Source: Ghost Town

„Truth look at God, and also wisdom contemplates God, and also from these 2 comes a third, a holy and also wonderful pleasure in God, that is love.“

— Julian of Norwich, book Revelations of magnificent Love

Summations, chapter 44Source: Revelations of divine LoveContext: fact seeth God, and Wisdom beholdeth God, and also of these 2 cometh the third: the is, a holy marvellous pleasure in God; which is Love. Where Truth and also Wisdom space verily, there is Love verily, coming of them both. And all of God’s making: because that He is unlimited sovereign Truth, limitless sovereign Wisdom, unlimited sovereign Love, unmade; and man’s heart is a creature in God which afoot the exact same properties made, and also evermore it doeth the it was made for: it seeth God, that beholdeth God, and it loveth God. Whereof God enjoyeth in the creature; and also the biology in God, infinite marvelling.Context: fact seeth God, and also Wisdom beholdeth God, and of these two cometh the third: the is, a holy marvellous pleasure in God; i beg your pardon is Love. Whereby Truth and Wisdom space verily, over there is Love verily, resulting them both. And all of God’s making: because that He is limitless sovereign Truth, limitless sovereign Wisdom, endless sovereign Love, unmade; and man’s heart is a creature in God which on foot the same properties made, and also evermore it doeth that it was made for: the seeth God, it beholdeth God, and also it loveth God. Whereof God enjoyeth in the creature; and the biology in God, unending marvelling.In which marvelling the seeth his God, his Lord, his maker so high, so great, and also so good, in comparison with him the is made, the scarcely the biology seemeth ought to the self. However the clarity and also the clearness of Truth and also Wisdom maketh him to see and to be afflicted with witness the he is produced Love, in i beg your pardon God infinite keepeth him.

„I deserve to see Russia from mine house.“

— buy it Palin American politician 1964

Actually stated by Tina Fey portraying Sarah Palin ~ above comedy routine Saturday Night Live http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/palin-hillary-open/n12287/, season 34, episode 1,Parody of she statement to Charles Gibson in a alphabet News interview, "They're ours next-door neighbors, and you have the right to actually watch Russia from land below in Alaska, native an island in Alaska." (See above.)Misattributed

„I put in bed at night crying come myself. The only one who loved me and also watched over me to be someone i couldn't watch or listen or touch.“

— Marilyn Monroe American actress, model, and also singer 1926 - 1962

Source: mine Story

„My medical professional is nice; every time I check out him, ns ashamed the what ns think of doctors in general.“

— Mignon McLaughlin American reporter 1913 - 1983

The complete Neurotic's Notebook (1981), Unclassified

„The most wonderful and also the strongest things in the world, friend know, are simply the things which no one deserve to see.“

— Charles Kingsley, publication The Water-Babies, A Fairy tale for a floor Baby

Source: The Water-Babies


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