Recently I started to develop a brand-new email for work objectives. I job-related separately as a computer system technician, I wanted the email to reflect my personal name and also that I execute not one however numerous tasks on COMPUTER. I started through somepoint choose lucaspcwork, trying to say the functions Lucas does on COMPUTER.

That made me wonder, what is the best way? "Lucas does works on PC" or "Lucas does job-related on PC". Or should I usage the word "job/jobs" rather of "work/works".

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A aboriginal speaker is not most likely to understand also works tright here as component of your email attend to to suppose "work you perform" or "you percreate multiple tasks" for 2 reasons:

1) works are deeds or huge undertakings, not tasks

The saintly person got near global praise for her good functions.

The philanthropist"s name was associated with many type of great works.

2) works is a synonym for "shop" or "factory", a place wbelow things are made, and the word has actually involved be offered in the software application and computer businesses as component of company names to convey the sense that these sorts of hi-tech businesses are additionally locations wright here points acquire made or fabricated.

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answered Jun 12 "18 at 13:09

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