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Mmm, ns really gotta knowIf you trust me, perform you trust me now?Hey, ns really gotta knowYou recognize that ns love youAnd that ain't gon' changeAnd despite you're not below with me nowMy love for you stays the sameDon't worry about those various other girlsThey can't take your placeYou're the just woman in my worldAnd girlfriend can't be replaced(Girl, friend know)You recognize that i love you(Ooh, girl)Girl, you're everything to me(Ooh, girl)Just permit me display you(Ooh, baby)Just how much you median to meIt's been such a long timeSince I've been through youMy friends to speak I need to play aroundThey wish the they could have what I uncovered in youYou understand I'm no that other guyWho broke your heart, mmmYou're still the just woman in mine worldEven when we're apart
(Girl, girlfriend know)You know that i love you(Baby, yeah)Girl, you're everything to me(Just permit me show you)Just allow me present you(Ooh, baby)Just just how much you mean to me(Girl, girlfriend know)You know that ns love you(You recognize that ns love you, pretty baby)Girl, you're whatever to me(Just permit me display you)Just allow me show you(Show you, baby, ooh, ooh, yeah)Just exactly how much you median to me(Oh, girl)I only have eyes because that you(Oh, baby)Believe me, what i say is true(You recognize it's true now)You recognize my love belongs to you(And just you, and you can't be replaced)

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(Girl, you know)You know that ns love you(You understand that i love you, baby)Girl, you're every little thing to me(You understand that ns love you, baby)Just permit me present you(Just permit me display you now)Just how much you mean to me(What you mean to me now)You know that i love you(Said, you know that ns love you, baby)Girl, you're every little thing to me(You're whatever to me)Just allow me show you(Baby now, baby now, yeah)Just exactly how much you average to me(Oh, girl, yeah)You know that i love youGirl, you're everything to me(Oh, girl)Just let me present you(Ooh, yeah)Just exactly how much you mean to me(Oh, girl)You know that ns love you(Said, friend know)Girl, you're every little thing to me(To me)Just permit me show youJust just how much you average to me