Blog about Dragon period lore. The lore in the Dragon Age series is deep and also rich. Players will not only discover the lore surrounding the soil of Thedas, yet will uncover the history and theory of religions and also magic too.
Dragon age II was supposed to be referred to as Dragon Age: Exodus, and also is quiet referred to thus by part fans.

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Education in Thedas varies relying on race, culture, and also class, and from country to nation.

Human nations

Andrastian Chantry

The education provided to those that the Chantry appears on par through that that nobles. Templar recruits room literate and are taught history<1> in enhancement to your martial training and spiritual education. Only initiates, those who have actually taken vows to devote their lives to the Chantry, obtain an scholastic education.<2>

Members the the Chantry, by virtue of your responsibilities, are naturally literate and also well-read, in the hymn of light if nothing else.

Local Chantries may also carry out some accuse to your followers and allow accessibility to your texts.<3>

Chantry members may likewise pursue scholarship. Clerics space the true college student of the Chantry, those men and women who have devoted themselves to the search of knowledge.<2> The most renowned Chantry scholar is brother Ferdinand Genitivi, lecturer and also author of many texts and travelogues. Other scholars find for old artifacts and scrolls, such as Sister Justine, curator that the Denerim chantry. Justine is also versed in decoding ciphers and also encrypted text.

Circle of Magi


The archives that the Shaperate

Dwarven education in Orzammar appears to be offered to those through caste. Small is known of the nuances that dwarven education yet it shows up that in ~ least component of it, amongst nobles, may be administered by members the the Shaperate.<14> Martial training shows up to be a significant element the dwarven education in Orzammar, through the best trainers being retained by noble households.

The Shaperate is maybe the biggest repository of background and knowledge. Its sources are easily accessible to anyone, in bespeak to seek both personal<15> and professional research. Noble family members may also serve as patrons because that Shaperate scholars.<16>

However the Shaperate is not the only resource of scholarly work in Orzammar. A mining caste dwarf called Grundrak wrote a book named ‘On Combustibles and Corrosives’ which discusses the usage of combustiles and corrosives for ideal effect and contains the formalae for both the Fire Bomb and Acid Flask. This book was created in the trade tongue as he was particular that humans needed the advice many of all.<17>

Casteless dwarves

Amongst the casteless there is no officially education; indeed, many casteless dwarves show up to be functionally illiterate.<18> However, noble hunters space literate and also highly educated in poetry and also other skills in order to make them attractive come noble partners.



A Tamassran educating converts

Education amongst the Qunari is administered according to one’s role in the rigid society of the Qun. Learning is a core ideology of the Qunari means of life. Regardless of it, many Qunari perform not speak the usual tongue of Thedas.<19> among Qunari, the tamassrans room arguably the most educated, being fluent in many languages<20> in order to educate, or re-educate, converts to the Qun. Tamassrans raise the young, provide their general education, and also evaluate them because that placement in society.

Dalish elves

Education among the Dalish shows up to be in the main oral,<21> that instruct v the usage of lore and storytelling. The Dalish retain their background through oral tradition and also books in some cases.<22> A clan’s very first studies lore, magic and background in order to come to be a successful Keeper.<23> A keeper is ostensibly a clan’s leader and as such is regarded as wise and also learned.

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Dalish elves organize Arlathvhens in order to reconvene with other clans and to exchange their built up lore.