Hasan and also Hynds stupassed away just how cultural values and methods shaped teachercatalyst in which country?




D. Maldives

In Maldives, teacher inspiration links to all the following determinants EXCEPT:

A.social factors

B. personalfactors

C.financial factors

D. politicalfactors

Hasan and also Hynds found a strong correlation in between teacher inspiration andcultural pressures. Which of the complying with IS TRUE?

A. teachers remainon the island also rather than looking for job-related in various other regions out of respect foraging caregivers

B.teacher parent relationships and also a feeling of neighborhood in the school execute notmirror family members connections

C.teachers put little bit effort into helping their students accomplish success

D.teachers have actually an independent model of the self and also do not depend on familymembers to meet their duties at home

Motivation is:

A.our ability to understand and also perceive emotions

B. an internalstate that guides our habits to attain the goal

C.our capacity to understand also social standards and also values

D.our capability to adapt to our environment

Melissa is an excellent duty model for her team mates. She wants to make certain herteam does well and wins the conference championship. Her desire to acquire thisgoal is defined as:

A.intrinsic motivation

B. extrinsicmotivation

C. adrive

D. aneed

Kevin really enjoys riding motorcycles. It provides him good personalsatisfactivity. His desire to ride motorcycles connects to which of thefollowing?

A.extrinsic motivation

B. adrive

C. intrinsicmotivation

D. aneed

Human beings look for out a feeling of belonging also satisfying feelings ofhunger and also thirst. These are examples of a(n):



C. need

D.extrinsic motivation

Ali takes morning classes also though she never before has actually time for breakrapid. Herstomach grumbles and also feels empty to the point wright here she feels the have to eat.This is an instance of a(n):


B. drive


D.extrinsic motivation

Marissa is putting a great deal of energy into her schooljob-related. She desires tomake the Dean’s List at her university. The variable motivating her to be a goodstudent is a(n):

A. incentive




Which of the following IS NOT a version of motivation?



C.span value

D. psychoanalytical

Maslow-moving thought world strive to lead a fulfilling life. According to hispower structure of needs, which of the adhering to IS TRUE?

A.security and also defense needs have to be met before standard needs

B.belonging and affiliation demands have to be met after self-esteem needs

C.aesthetic requirements are a higher require then self-actualization

D. transcendence isthe ultimate achievement

The goal of self-actualization is to:


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B.reach our maximum cognitive potential

C.understand social values and practices

D.achieve ego mastery

Which of the complying with IS TRUE around Maslow’s power structure of needs?

A.the design connects to an interdependent model of the self

B. the modelconnects to an independent design of the self

C.it is relevant to all individuals

D.it parallels Hofstede’s dimensions for social comparison

Which individual believed that people learn abilities and abilities throughsuffer and either create or suppress those habits based upon theconsequences of those behaviors?



C. Skinner


You obtain verbal praise from your caregivers as soon as you behave as necessary.This positive reinforcement connects to motivation as a(n):

A. incentive

B.extrinsic motivation



Which of the following IS TRUE about Skinner’s reinforcement theory?

A.it emphasizes internal needs

B.it emphasizes internal drives

C. it concentratekid extrinsic motivation

D.it emphasizes intrinsic motivation

The three objectives of goal theory and also achievement catalyst include every one of thefollowing EXCEPT:

A.mastery goals

B.performance goals

C.social goals

D. intrinsic goals

Santino is the best player on his soccer team. He knows that he has betterabilities than the various other players on his team. According to goal theory andsuccess inspiration models, Santino is focusing on which goal?

A.mastery goals

B. performance goals

C.social goals

D.intrinsic goals

Oliver is a retired engineer. He is returning to school to learn a newlanguage. His desire to learn a brand-new language connects to which of the followingobjectives and also an success model of motivation?

A. mastery goals

B.performance goals

C.social goals

D.intrinsic goals

Which of the complying with objectives connected via achievement models connects withintrinsic motivation?

A. mastery goals

B.performance goals

C.social goals

D.intrinsic goals

Cultural norms and worldviews affect whether people seek mastery orperformance objectives. Which of the adhering to illustprices this point?

A.Michael desires to do better at math so he takes an less complicated course so that he willnot have actually obstacle.

B.Michele desires to learn a brand-new language.

C.Stefano does well at school in order to earn a scholarship

D. Jess does wellat school to bring honor and integrity to her family

In their inspiration model, Eccles and colleagues attach the achievementconnected choices students make to 2 sets of perceptual beliefs. The abilityself-concept is:

A.the worth a perboy attaches to obtainable tactics to accomplish a goal

B. asense of belonging

C.learning for one’s own individual interest

D. a person’sexpectations for success and also capability to perform a task

Marissa really enjoys doing Sudoku number puzzles. In the expectations valueversion of motivation this would be a(n):

A.capacity self-concept

B. subjective taskvalue

C.feeling of belonging

D.mastery goal

Which of the complying with individuals presented attribution concept into theliterature?


B. Weiner



Cognitive models of catalyst explain:

A.people’s extrinsic motivations

B.people’s intrinsic motivations

C.the worth human being place on perdeveloping specific tasks

D. the reasonsand/or causes of civilization successes and failures

Cultural norms and also expectations form the attributions human being make around theirbehavior. Which of the complying with illustrates this point?

A.many type of European-Amerideserve to parents think their children are academicallysuccessful bereason they job-related hard

B.many type of Eastern paleas believe their kids are academically successful becauseof their herbal talents

C.many kind of European-Amerihave the right to parental fees think their kids are academicallysuccessful bereason they want to lug honor to their family

D. many type of Asianparental fees think their children are academically effective because the childperseveres and works hard

Cultural models of the self shape the attributions people make around theiractions. Which of the complying with statements illustrates this point?

A. in the culturalmodel of an independent self, the individual strives to boost self-esteemand create a positive image

B.in the social model of an interdependent self, the individual strives toboost self-esteem and produce a positive image

C.when the independent self does well at a job, the self experiences humility

D.as soon as the interdependent self does well at a job, the self experiences humility

Which of the complying with individuals believe that we learn behavior fromobserving others in our social worlds?




D. Bandura

Self-efficacy relates to:

A.our capacity to look for out activities our very own enjoyment

B. our confidencein our very own abilities to solve problems

C. ourdesire to look for self-improvement

D.our relationships and also social interactions

An employer offers her employees individual bonoffers for their job-related performance.This is an example of a(n):



C. extrinsicincentive

D.intrinsic incentive

Many early on childhood educators reward their students with stickers once theboy behaves as necessary. This is an instance of a(n):



C. extrinsicincentive

D.intrinsic incentive

Which of the adhering to IS TRUE around incentives?

A. the usage andeffectiveness of incentives varies across cultures

B.extrinsic incentive is frequently much better than intrinsic motivation

C.for many type of Japanese workers a financial bonus is more effective as an incentivethan respect

D.for many type of Latin Amerideserve to employees a financial bonsupplies even more efficient as animpetus than time off to be with family

In a classroom setting, a mainstream American approach to motivating studentsmight include:

A. pelevating a childin front of his or her classmates

B.criticizing a child in front of his or her classmates

C.pointing out the child’s faiattract in front of his or her classmates

D.critiquing a child’s work in front of his or her classmates

One goal of the Bridging Cultures Project was meant to boost teachers’classroom behaviors and also methods. Participating teachers operated primarily inthe institution mechanism that served mainly children from which cultural heritages?

A.Asian, Asian-American


C. Latino,Mexican-American

D.Native American

The Bridging Cultures Project highlights the prestige of:

A. connectingchildren’s lived realities at residence with those at school

B.providing youngsters with extrinsic motivators and incentives

C.offering youngsters with intrinsic motivators and also incentives

D.reducing the function of teachers in children’s scholastic success

Tright here is assistance for the place that cultural techniques at residence intersectwith sociofinancial components. Fernald and also colleagues discovered that:

A.European-Amerihave the right to higher earnings caregivers hardly ever engage their children inconversation

B.Latino higher earnings parents hardly ever connect their children in conversation

C.European-American and also Latino better revenue caregivers communicate their youngsters inmore conversation then reduced revenue caregivers do

D.lower revenue European-Amerideserve to and Latino caregivers communicate their kids inmore conversation then higher income caregivers in both grnaipublishers.coms do

There is proof to support that Eastern children outpercreate students from othernations. Which statement illustprices the link between cultural valuesand also techniques and also Asian children’s success at school?

A. children want toperform well and not disappoint their parental fees that have sacrificed for theirchildren’s academic success

B.teacher methods in the classroom focus upon conceptual knowledge

C.teachers encourage tiny participating team learning

D.children desire to perform well to boost their own self-esteem

Stereoforms are:

A.culture specific prescriptions for exactly how each gender should behave

B.features that we asauthorize to our success and also failure

C.vital to discovering concept models of motivation

D. widely heldbeliefs, characteristics and also traits that world attribute to a totality grnaipublishers.com

The belief that all Eastern students are greater achievers is an instance of a(n):

A.sex role


C. stereotype

D.stereotypical threat

Stereotypical risk happens when:

A.an individual self-esteem is increased after an accomplishment

B. an individualproblems over being judged according to an adverse stereotype

C.we failed to accomplish social expectations for behavior

D.we perform not satisfy our parental fees expectations for scholastic success

Aronchild and colleagues asked 2 teams of European-American college studentswho excelled in math to finish a math test. Participants think the testwould measure their math abilities. One participant team was a manage team.The other team was told the math test would help them understand also why Asianstudents seem to do well on this test. What did the researchers find?

A.students in both grnaipublishers.coms percreated well

B. the grnaipublishers.com thatgot the stereotypical hazard underperdeveloped the regulate grnaipublishers.com

C.the regulate grnaipublishers.com underperdeveloped the stereotypical risk grnaipublishers.com

D.students in both grnaipublishers.coms percreated poorly

Which students are prone to stereotypical threat?

A.underachieving students

B.great students

C.students from minority grnaipublishers.coms

D. all students

Industrial-organizational psychologists interested in the business sideside of the subarea job-related in which of the adhering to areas?

A.employee selection

B. workerproductivity

C.task performance

D.hiring practices

Increasing worker performance connects to which of the complying with concepts?


B.stereotypical threat

C. motivation


All of the following are extrinsic incentives designed to boost productivityin the workpressure EXCEPT:

A.stock options

B. ahigher salary

C. amonetary bonus

D. volunteering towork in a agency charity event

Although many type of American workers like financials incentives, many kind of Swedishemployees like vacation time. This says that the perception and also experienceof incentives:

A.is equivalent throughout all social context

B. is culturallymediated

C.has actually no connection to social worths or norms

D.relates to a community’s economic situation

There is a link in between social worths and models, option, and intrinsiccatalyst. Which of the following illustrates the statement?

A. manyEuropean-Amerideserve to children are most likely to perform better at a task once they chooseit themselves rather than when an adult chooses it for them

B.many kind of Asian-Amerihave the right to youngsters are likely to do much better at a job when they chooseit themselves fairly than as soon as an adult chooses it for them

C.many type of European Amerideserve to children take part in cultural techniques thatemphasize loyalty and fulfilling social obligations

D.many Oriental American kids get involved in cultural methods that emphasizeself-expression and also flexibility of choice

Sledge, Miles, and also Coppage explored the partnership between society and jobsatisfaction. They wanted to test the Western Herberg’s Two Factor Theory ofcatalyst in various other social settings. In which nation did they percreate theresearch?



C. Brazil


In their job-related Sledge, Miles, and Coppage discovered many kind of of Herberg’s Two FactorTheory of inspiration principles were widespread in their Brazilian sample. Therewere also social differences. They uncovered that for Brazilian employees:

A.company loyalty was not important

B.collaborative occupational experiences were not important

C. supervision andwork-related relationships did not connect to project dissatisfaction

D.did not take pride in their work

When teachers incorporate children’s cultural worths and heriteras and toclassroom practice:

A.youngsters view their social methods is inferior to those at school

B.youngsters to their social means as contradictory to those at school

C.children feeling of self-worth decreases

D. youngsters dobetter at school

In their study on scholastic accomplishment in the United States Boykin andcolleagues made a decision four social themes to examine. They included all the followingEXCEPT:

A.individualistic discovering or functioning alone

B.competitive activities

C.participating learning

D. teacher led activities

In their study, Boykin and also colleagues addressed the misconception thatAfrican-American children perform not worth success. Their findings revealed allthe complying with EXCEPT:

A.African-American kids preferred students who demonstrated grnaipublishers.com orientedvalues

B. African-Americankids valued success as soon as they might reach their objectives and culturallyproper and valued ways

C.African-American children preferred students that demonstrated individualisticand competitive worths and behaviors

D.teachers need not consider incorporating children’s cultural values andmethods they experience at home right into classroom activities

Greenfield and Quiroz compared personal success values across differentethnic teams in the USA. They explored exactly how educational experienceforms social worths. They utilized two social relation fads.Gemeinschaft relates to:


B. community



Greenarea and Quiroz compared individual success values throughout differentethnic grnaipublishers.coms in the United States. They explored just how educational experienceforms social values. They made use of two social relation fads.Gesellschaft relates to:

A. society




The social relation pattern, Gemeinschaft connects to all the complying with EXCEPT:

A.rural life

B.home-based education

C.cultural methods assistance an interdependent self

D. competitionbetween members

The social relation pattern, Gemeinschaft connects to:

A. rural life

areliance upon technology

C.formal schooling experiences

D.cultural practices that support an independent self

Greenfield and Quiroz linked social relation fads to family valuesystems. Which values connect to Gemeinschaft settings?

A. familistic



D.individual achievement

According to Greenfield and Quiroz, many kind of Latino immigrants and also their childrenrelocating in the US experience stress and anxiety as an outcome of:

A.relocating from Gesellschaft to Gemeinschaft settings

B. moving fromGemeinschaft to Gesellschaft settings

C.individualistic value units to familistic worth systems

D.looking for work

In many type of Latino homes, parents offer their children equal praise regardmuch less oftheir actual occupational contributions. This relates in part to the emphasis upon:

A.gemeinschaft values

B.gesellschaft values

C.individualistic values

D. familisticvalues

Important findings from Greenfield and Quiroz’s job-related encompass all the adhering to EXCEPT:

A.Latino children’s school experiences emphadimension individualistic values; howeverthey still relied upon the found holistic worths they learned home

B.parents’ educational experiences shape their views around achievement

C. intergrnaipublishers.comcontact in between kids of various ethnic heritperiods does not result in anychange in behavior

D.their study has applied value for enhancing children’s learning experiences atschool

The Kamehameha elementary education and learning regimen shares parallels via which of theadhering to programs?

A. Bridging CulturesProject

B.The Gemeinschaft Project

C.The Gesellschaft Project

D.The Indigenous Cultures Project

What is one problem Hawaiian children confront in schools through respect to schoolachievement and academic success?

A.college curriculum

B. languageproblems

C. negative teacherperceptions

D.access to public education

One significant goal of the The Kamehameha Elementary Education Program (KEEP) was:

A.to enhance Hawaiian children’s language skills

B.to enhance Hawaiian children’s problem-solving skills


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to aid teachersincorporate cultural skills and abilities children learned at home intoclassroom practice

D.to help youngsters finish individual finding out tests

As an outcome of The Kamehameha Elementary Education Program, Jordan recommendedthat:

A. teachers behaveeven more the method mothers perform at home

B.teachers job-related to enhance children’s language abilities

C.teachers occupational to boost children’s problem-resolving skills

D.teachers incorporate more individual discovering tasks and activities

Kim and also Park take an indigenous psychology strategy to understand Koreanchildren’s scholastic success. They discovered every one of the complying with to be true EXCEPT:

A.children were proud of doing well in school

B.paleas were a significant source of emotional support

C.like their parents, students thought their success was as a result of difficult work

D. students believetheir success at college was due to their organic abilities

Korean kids share many type of worths through other Oriental areas. All of thefollowing attach to a Korean child’s scholastic success EXCEPT:

A.loyalty to parents

B.bringing pride and honor to one’s family

C.the prestige of perseverance and also tough work

D. the prominence ofreceiving rewards for individual accomplishments

Chen is a Taiwanese boy. Which adult is many likely to monitor her academicprogress?

A. her mother

B.her father

C.her siblings

D.her grandparents

In their cross-nationwide research, Fang and also colleagues explored exactly how nationalsociety shapes student accomplishment and also student learning outcomes. From which ofthe adhering to frameworks did they extract criteria for their study?

A.Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

B.Expectancy Value Theory

C. Hofstede’sdimensions for comparing cultures

D.Learning Theories of Motivation

In their cross-nationwide examine, Fang and also colleagues explored exactly how nationalculture forms student success and student learning outcomes. Whichcriteria did they find to have the a lot of affect as a predictor of studentachievement?

A.power distance

B. long-termorientation



There is a critical link between inspiration and also education and learning. It isvital for teachers to be culturally mindful and also sensitive to their studentslived experiences. Which of the complying with frameworks did Ginsberg present tomotivate all children to end up being successful?

A.Bridging Cultures Project